2021 FOLLOWME Fan Festival, Sharing is Giving

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In 2021, FOLLOWME has been established for 6 years, and more than 800,000 users worldwide have joined FOLLOWME. We adhere to the concept of the user first and technology for social good, continue to carry out technological innovation and strive to become the most popular trading community in the world.

Along the way, we appreciate the support and acknowledgment of community users. To thank you for your company and support, our 6th anniversary especially includes the 2021 FOLLOWME fan festival.

The surprise begins here >>


2021 FOLLOWME Fan Festival - Excellent Sharer


2021 FOLLOWME Fan Festival, Sharing is Giving


Rewards for sharing


Activity time: August 18-September 30, 2021


How to join:

User shares with friends designated article. Once the friend successfully registered and connected to the live trading account, 100 FCOIN will be awarded to the user.


Award process:

Step 1. Click here to sharing article>> 

Step 2. Click the "Share" button at the bottom right corner of the post and send it to friends;

Step 3. If the friend completes the registration and successfully connects to the real trading account, then both the user and the friend can get rewards.


Popular rewards for followers


How to join: Share your post on social media to gain views and followers.


Adding 6 new followers will be awarded 6 FCOIN.

Adding 16 new followers will be awarded 20 FCOIN.

Adding 26 new followers will be awarded 50 FCOIN.

Adding more than 36 new followers will be awarded 100 FCOIN.


Terms and Conditions:

1. Award method: All rewards will be automatically distributed to the FCOIN balance within 7 working days after the event ends.

2. FCOIN can be used for community rewards, payment of subscription fees, and redemption of gifts(can not withdraw). 10 FCOIN=1 USD. If your reward is 100 FCOIN, it is worth 10 USD.

3. The user must share the specified content with friends, and only friends who newly register FOLLOWME through the content you share and connect to a real trading account will be counted;

2. If one of your friends connects to ≥1 real trading account, they will only be rewarded once, and the reward is 100 FCOIN;

3. All rewards will be statistically distributed within 7 working days after the event ends; users who commit fraud or fraud will not be rewarded, including but not limited to any robot software, butterfly software, crawler software, and reward software or any other automatic means, improper means, etc. to participate in this activity, the final interpretation right belongs to the organizer of the FOLLOWME trading community.


The success of the FOLLOWME trading community is inseparable from the support and trust of users. The attention and participation of users are a powerful driving force for the continuous development of the community. FOLLOWME brings together outstanding traders from all over the world, creates the most active trading community, and provides users with a stage to fully demonstrate themselves! At present, the series of activities of the FOLLOWME Fan Festival is underway, and the surprise starts here. Find out more >>

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