Higher high and higher low(education post)

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Higher high and higher low(education post)
Markets trend. There are impulses, and in those the price consistantly makes several higher highs and lows, or lower highs and lows in the case of a downtrend impulse, or leg. The majority that try to compete in this activity fail, and from what I have seen they either don't know the basics, or have loss phobia. Or are dense, that's also a possibility.

It is basic. Do not go against the trend. Especially when it is diagonal. The market goes up in impulses. Forget elliott or dow waves, there can be any number of impulses within the impulse. 5 higher highs and lows, 6, 7, 8. Of course I am not used to seing something like 25 in a row. People would become instant billionaires if that happened. I wish...

I can't prove the market behaves in that way but I can use some empirical evidence. In here I will present a couple of examples. 2, 3 or 4 examples can be a coincidence. But when something repeats itself over and over it is unlikely it is a coincidence. It's basic and easy to play around the fact that currency pairs make successive higher highs and lows. For example it might be pointless to hold a long once the price has reached a lower low (but it's a bad idea to have a stop at the very low or just below it).

Eurodollar downtrend from the 20 April to the 10 May: 

Higher high and higher low(education post)

Put into context: 

Higher high and higher low(education post)

And then the new low

Higher high and higher low(education post)

Forex charts look noisy and random, but they are obviously not random. The price does not randomly make a higher high in a downtrend then continues down. It keeps making lower highs without fail, and once there is a higher high well, most of the time it does not go just slighlty higher then drop.
How embarassing is it that PHD economists can't see this? 

Higher high and higher low(education post)
Sometimes a higher high in a downtrend is a trap 

Higher high and higher low(education post)

Here is what individual investors can be seen doing: 

Higher high and higher low(education post)

Retail positions have no predictive abilities that I know of.
Their entries are basically random. And don't matter.
I am not contrarian to retail positions when I enter, sometimes I buy with 80% of them.
I see 0 correlation with my entries.

But where is there a difference? Each time I have a big winners going past 5R I look at retail positions, and what I see is 80-90% are in the opposite direction (and have been for a while). 

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