EUR/USD technical analysis(13/08/2021)

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EUR/USD technical analysis(13/08/2021)
After price reached the target of 1,1710 we then looked at the possibility for the next target- 1,1640.

However, prise has been moving in a range of 30 pips for two days now.
That means there's equal buying and selling pressure and it's very likely to see a few misleading moves.

First we could see a drop down to 1,1700 just so more sellers could enter the market, but then price might go back up to 1,1780.

That way all the stops will be taken out and then we could see a reversal and another move down to 1,1640.

In case of a confirmation that this will happen, we will be looking to sell from the 1,1780 level. 

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Nice technical analysis
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nice technical analysis
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