13 topic in trading (4-6)

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4. - Supply & demand zones 

The only difference between support & resistance and supply & demand zones is the fact that the first ones are represented as levels while the second ones are represented as the zones.
The identification of these zones is very important for proper market analysis.

5.  Key levels 
Key levels are the strongest supports and resistances.
Of course, spotting various supports and resistances on the chart,
we can not say that they all are equal in their significance.
There is a strong (however subjective) hierarchy of them.
The most significant are called key levels and from them, the most significant moves are always expected.

6.  Trend analysis 
When I teach my students how to analyze the price chart,
I always start with a trend analysis topic.
Knowing where exactly the market is going,
having specific and objective rules for the trend identification
are necessary for successful trading.

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