Mid term review of my signal provider

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I have follow  @隨浪者  about half month, for my first day, I am exsiting for that he can help me to get the profit over the subscription fee, and on this day, I already got over $300 profit on it, I don’t need a fast profit and high amount. What I want is stable and sustainable, on these period, he only have one day get loss, and also he use the margin is not very high that I will not feel I have pressure, and also everyday I will get some profit on it. And the drawdown is not very high, only within 10% to 15%, I will continue to subscript with him and hope that I can get 100% return soon. 

When I ask him question, he also will answer me softly. I feel that a good trader you no need to have a very high profit for a month, what you need is a guy who know you and help you to grow up.

I don’t know my opinion will be advertise or not, if it is, just help me to remove it, I just want to share what I want.

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"What I want is stable and sustainable", me too.
nice share