My Trading Journey

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My name is EugeneFXpro from South Africa, I have been trading for the past 6 years and my journey has not been easy as I thought or painted by most of traders we come across online.

I came across scams, invested my money to wrong people that promised quick returns in weeks, but only to find out that was a scam. I had to learn on my own following most influential traders, that also didn't help, so i decided to learn how to trade on my own and perfect my own craft...

Today i only thank my patience, dedication and through that I mastered my art of trading.

It was not easy trading on my own, but admitting that you are still a beginner i started seeing profit, small, small and from there i started gaining confidence. From 2017 towards September that's when i started providing signals and guess what, my team was doing great. Not that we didn't come across loses, we did and that helped me to be more analytic and minimize loses.

Financial Markets is the way to our financial freedom, my advice to beginners in this industry is that Forex is an long term investment, not talking about money investment but patient with your self and study one market / chart. once you master a certain chart...your third eye will open up, and you will realize that all charts drawn are the will start seeing similar patterns on charts you wish to trade...

I would recommend using a demo with a small acc , don't do unrealistic amount thats given to you by brokers because in that way your phycology already its not afraid to protect or loose money.

Play with small Account demos, blow them...but also stick to one chart...learn it till you reach your it often till you gain that confidence...

There's nothing wrong trading me...

Your friends might laugh @you but remember, you doing this for your personal growth and to be financially free.

Once you master your one will take that away from'll even start having your own trading pattern....

I guess my journey and what I experienced would help.

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i start with an copytrade and sometimes get scamed too on broker
i have similiar story too. thats memories made me doing trading until now
Man, this is so much motivation on it.
this is an interesting story.i loved it!
Thanx a lot...
Go for it!
I also came across scams, hope I can share it with you one day.
Pls do...
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This is very inspiring. I also agree that financial market is one way to realise financial freedom. Cheers mate!
Thank you Sir
impressive experience, thanks for sharing
thank you