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Hi team hope everyone is having a good weekend and taking some time to review your trades for the week and soon it will be time for a monthly review. I like to ask myself why did I take that trade, did I follow the rules, was my risk management sound (no more then 2% total risk at one time is a rule I use). Was the entry taken in good time or was I chasing the position as the very common trading issue being fear of missing out. I had the pleasure of watching Jindao present at the Asia Digitial Financial Summit, a big take home was to make sure you know why your getting into a trade this brief pause is something I've really come to appreciate as it's just so easy to find yourself with positions opened that are far from high quality. And finally when in doubt don't take a trade as no trade is a very valid option to take as being on the sideline is where most professionals are until the best set ups develop. I see fantastic trading opportunities coming with trends developing plus volatility for those short term plays as central banks slowly pump the breaks on asset purchasing and more and more pressure is eased with the eventual rise in interest rates. Stay nimble and patient traders learn from mistakes and ask questions from people in this group who trade for a living that are here to help.

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