High profit, but he doesn't suggest you subscribing, why?

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2021/05/31 - 2021/06/06 Total Trading Volume


(Down by 25,177 or 3.89% w-o-w)

The winner of this week’s profit list goes to @蓝色超人 , in his home page he writes: “When people turn to me and ask me if they can mirror my strategy, I usually tell them it’s not a good idea, because the moment you see my account, I have already withdrawn.”

Well, don’t take this confession as pretentiousness, this is just his way to trade: heavy position, short term, intraday trading.

In this week, he realized a profit of $48,000 by $8,000 as principal value, trading with gold and bitcoins. As a result, he gained six times as much as the principal value! Although the result seems extremely profitable, only experienced trades know how high the risk could be. That’s why he made a withdrawal immediately after gaining the profit and reminded the others don’t subscribe to him simply based on this quick success.

High profit, but he doesn't suggest you subscribing, why?

This week, @专业外汇三号 have achieved a profit of more than 10,000 US dollar through subscription, and his other account @专职外汇二号 is slightly weaker than @专业外汇三号 , only earned 7,000+ US dollars through subscription.

High profit, but he doesn't suggest you subscribing, why?

The weekly signal list is still fascinating, the winner comes undoubtedly to the manual trader @交易员 张总 , who has become the champion of the top 10 signal list for consecutive six weeks; The second place goes to @逍遥子由 ; @冷岩作手 , who has an account with a two-year maximum drawdown of less than 10% and a yield higher than 100%, rushed to the fourth place; The large capital user of the community, famous trader - @正版李莜阳 also appears on the list after a while of absence.

High profit, but he doesn't suggest you subscribing, why?

The list for the first week of June is freshly released. Check out if you are on the list!

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