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How do you overall deal with losses? I feel lost honestly... because I can be in a winning streak, and a single trade goes against me and I... just don't know. Imagine this scenario, I made 2% on average daily for 3 days but the next day I started losing 1% or 1,5%. I managed to cut those losses in half or even hit be. But I look at them and I think 'Wow this could be avoided', like it's a "stain" on the journey. I know it's part of trading but I wanted to hear something from the community so I can learn how to keep going without feeling beaten every time a red, a normal thing, happens.

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The problem is that you think it can be avoided. You cannot avoid losses in training. If you have a defined trading plan and you stick to it 100% you will still have losses. You did nothing wrong. Plain and simple.
Risk management. Nothing more nothing less.
Thank you, I've been doing for a while now. Still hurts to see that 1% leave my account tho lol