My road to profitable

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I started trading at 17 years old. 

I became profitable after 3/4 years of losing 800SGD= 600USD consistently burning around 5/6k?.... 

cried at night... o(╥﹏╥)o

My road to profitable

Sometimes, I rarely get sleep and ask myself why I did something wrong. I cry everytime during trading for the first 2 years. 

After 4 years,3 months ago ,I was left with 50SGD... 

3 months later I'm here with 4k SGD and the money keeps growing faster. 

My road to profitable

Cut losses make sure your profits always outweigh your losses. It's impossible to teach trading because it is who you are that shapes your trading style. 

For me I take huge risks and cut losses quickly. If things go the wrong way. I'll lose at most 200USD and I'll usually gain from 300USD- 600USD every 1-4 days depending on how fast the movement of the graphs. I found my way to breakthrough and yes traders exist they just don't show because trading is really tough and a skill you need a lot of sacrifices for. 

If you really want to be a trader for that certain skill. You must never ever give up. Reason why I'm saying this is because I've seen a lot of people claiming themselves as traders but giving up after 1/2 years of losing money and blaming it on everyone else. 

Even worse, fake gurus giving everyone the holy grail formula when trading is about you and the graph of how you yourself manage with the fear, anxiety, trading style, trading plans, your favourable patterns or currency pairs etc…

I can't say much as i only became profitable recently but what i can really tell you they really exist because my friends are full time traders and freelancing hedge funds....

I'm on my way to become a 6/7 digit trader as well so .. 

Good luck everyone

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never give up!
A trader who has not cried in the middle of the night is not a real trader,lol


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