Trump vs Biden: US Election 2020 Watchlist

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Trump who is running the country like a reality TV show OR Biden who is a grounded and down to earth man who have strong empathy for others?

Time and time again, market has shown to rally after US election. However, Democrats win always lead to BETTER gains than Republicans, and the market may (and a big MAY) only crash only if its a stalemate or Trump refused to leave the White House. Here's the summary watchlist for you to trade to make some money.


Trump wins means:


(1) Defense industry: BAH, CUB, KTOS, AVAV, IRDM, VSAT, PSN, MANT

(2) O&G industry: XOM, CVX, KMI, LNG, XLE (ETF)

(3) Banks & financials: JPM, BAC, GS

(4) Materials & Industrials: BHP, FMC,NEU, HII, PWR

(5) Consumer discretionary: PENN, LAD, RH, CHDN, IRBT, YETI

(6) Pharmaceutical/healthcare industry: IHE (ETF), IHF (ETF)


(1) US companies with China exposure:

(2) Gold

(3) Big Techs: QQQ (ETF), GOOG, AMZN, TWTR


Biden wins means:


(1) Infrastructure industry: CAT, DEER, MLM, ET

(2) EV & solar power industry: FSLR, TSLA, WKHS, TAN (ETF)

(3) Marijuana industry: ACB, APHA, CGC, PLNHF, TLRY, STZ, THCX (ETF)

(4) Healthcare/biotech/medical device industry: UNH, LLY, MRK, NVS, MDT, ABT, TMO, IBB (ETF), IHI (ETF)

(5) Energy industry: BEP, ICLN (ETF)

(6) US companies with China exposure: MMM, BA, PG, AAPL, NKE, DIS, SBUX

(7) REITS: O


(1) O&G industry

(2) Banks & financials

(3) Pharmaceuticals

(4) Firearms

What's your take with your bet?

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