20 Habits of highly successful traders

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20 Habits of highly successful traders:

1. Develop your Playbook

2. Tape reading - absolutely essential for day traders

3. Mindfulness - go to

4. Sleep properly

5. Trade Journal - TraderSync or TraderVue

6. Book of Chart - find the 'Chart of the Day' to do your entry, take profit and stop loss

7. Exercise

8. Diet

9. Find a Mentor

10. Make Use of Technology

11. Pre-market Analysis

12. Daily Report Card

13. Talk to traders

14. Game Plan Big Trades (eg. US-China trade talks)

15. Game Plan Before Opening (eg. Set alerts/scripts/filters for limit orders)

16. Daily Gratitude

17. Train Your Brain - try

18. Relationships - Don't forget quality time with your loved ones and friends

19. Learn Daily - read about successful people, listen to audible on market updates

20. RIP through charts - create a system to identify important breakouts with daily/weekly charts

Inspired by Mike, the 7-figure Trader

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