FOLLOWInterview | @BiuBiu333 90’s Women Achieved 5 Figure Income From Trade

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“Women empowerment”. That is @BiuBiu333’s quote. It seems that women can be self-reliant and always improve their quality of life. In most communities perspex, trading might be more suitable for working adults who have extra capital. However, @BiuBiu33 stepped out and made a change for her future, by starting to learn trading from young. And now, she is an experienced trader and trades with a profit, thus changing her income structure and lifestyle. 

Let's find out her trading experience:

FOLLOWInterview | @BiuBiu333  90’s Women Achieved 5 Figure Income From Trade

Q: What makes you start your journey in trading, especially as a young woman? Any inspiration?

BiuBiu333: In my opinion, trading is the fairest thing in the world. We win when we make a good trade. As a young woman, I agreed with this. Please follow me and I will show you women’s power in the trading world ;)

Q: How long have you been trading currencies?

BiuBiu333: Although I’m young, however, I am experienced in forex trading. Still remember observing my dad doing trade when I was young. Hence, I started my first trade since my high school time.

Q: What are your money management rules when trading forex? How do you manage risk?

BiuBiu333: I use EA to help manage the risk. In a nutshell, risk control is important for me.

Q: What lessons have you learned that has helped you find profitable trades, and keep losses relatively small?

BiuBiu333: Dare to win big. Most traders look at the small profit. There is no right or wrong. However, if you want to make a large profit, sometimes we need to be daring to hold the position. Hence, I am still learning about it.

Q: What do you feel like a currency trader that new traders should focus upon?

BiuBiu333: Risk control, that’s the first rule for me. To win, we need to keep stable first.

Q: How can you manage yourself between trading and study, during college time?

BiuBiu333: I will organize and wisely spend my time. And actually, there’s a lot of spare time as a student, especially during my last year in college.

Q: As you have been some time engaged in trading, how do these trading experiences change your perspective in life? It seems like you have to stand out among others who are almost the same age as you.

BiuBiu333: I would say trading is like playing an online game. Well, saying that is due to I can accept the loss, and keep moving on for the next trade.

Q: Have you ever facing any discrimination since you involve in trading especially when you are still a college student?

BiuBiu333: No at the moment. However, most people are amazed by knowing that I’m a young and dedicated forex trader

Q: Since you are freshly graduated, is the trading experience brings benefit in your job hunting?

BiuBiu333: I haven’t started any job hunting. However, I plan to continue to do the trade for a living.

Besides, I can spend more time now and be more expert in trading since I graduated.

Q: How profitable trades can make changes to a person’s lifestyle and quality, especially for women? Perhaps share your experience.

BiuBiu333: A woman has to create and build up her income independently to pursue better life quality.

Q: Any advice to those traders and new users who plan to start trading in our community?

BiuBiu333: Do not need to rush to follow any trader. Please browse and survey first, check the account, and start to do your trade. A new trader should explore and learn more about trading before deciding to follow any trader.

Thanks @BiuBiu333 for sharing her trading experiences with our community. 

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to you for being guidance and sharing in the forex trading.

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