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[DAILY NOTION] TradingView - EUR/USD Forecast - Oct 19, 2020

Overall, EUR/USD is ranging across. Recently, EUR/USD bounced off the resistance zone of 1.17400. The final consumer price index (CPI) y-o-y data released last Friday confirmed a decrease in CPI and an increase in core CPI.Final CPI y-o-y (Actual: -0.3%, Forecast: -0.3%, Previous: -0.3%)Final Core C
New to investment? Find out which type suits you better, shared by Karen Foo in this video.

[READ N' GO] - Daily News Recap

Good morning traders! This is the official account to find out all the breaking news that may/may not affect your trading decision such as economy policies, political moves, global agendas and more.BUT first, to start off your day with a bang, here's a recap of the important news we think you s

[DAILY NOTION] TradingView - NZD/CHF Forecast - Oct 19, 2020

We discussed that within the weekly time frame, we are moving within a huge channel formed around the end of 2017 as well as the mini channel we are trading on the daily time frame!The daily time frame is giving us a Bullish Flag Pattern, ready for an upside surge this week! If we go even further do
I am expecting an uptrend in Gold for this week. What do you guys think? 🤔


Movement is on a declining trend. Long-term traders, please get ready!
Consistently one of the paths to success 💪💪

Best Time To Trade Forex - Tokyo Session

For traders living in Murica (“America”), the trading day actually begins on Sunday night at 5:00 p.m. EST (9:00 p.m. GMT).However, liquidity doesn’t really show up until the Tokyo open a few hours later.The opening of the Tokyo session at 12:00 a.m. GMT marks the start of currency trading in Asia.Y
GBP/JPY Price Analysis: Bears catch a breather around two-week-old support line GBP/JPY stays heavy around a short-term support line after breaking 136.00 threshold. Bearish MACD, sustained trading be...
Gold price is now struggle around $1,899. However, I believe there's a potential to rise again.

Trade Like a Woman

Inspired by this article this morning. Any female trader out here? Check out how this lady fought her way to be a force to be reckoned with in the financial industry! Female Success Story – Jennifer Fan We have seen the stories of women who fought their way up in the financial world during a time wh

Dollar Struggling to Extend Rebound in Indecisive Markets

The markets are overall indecisive or the moment. US indices retreated mildly just ahead of record highs overnight. Mild softness is carried forward to Asian session. G20 finance leaders are seeing a less negative outlook for the global economy. Yet, the path forward remains highly uncertain dependi
13 Oct
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ForexLive Asia FX news wrap: Risk sold off … before the bad vaccine news

Forex news for Asia trading - Tuesday, Oct 13, 2020  Still scope for yuan appreciation despite the PBOC weekend policy move

Pull-up Update