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USD/JPY long trade with great risk-reward Elliott Wave Analysis

#USD/JPY# USDJPY completed a leading diagonal pattern on Nov 6th which lasted over 7 months. Current price action is consolidating in a triangle pattern which appears nearly complete and ready to break to the upside. My target price is around the 1.0655 level, the termination of wave (

XAU/USD - Short After $1830

#XAU/USD# My goal is to short after breaking 1830 and closing the candle 4 hours below that.


#GBP/USD# GBP/USD is due for a possible sell. Currently, the market is rejecting off a 4hour support, if the market comes in that area and pushes up I'm going to look for long trades on the 1hour time frame. NOW if the market breaks said support, I'm going to be looking for short trade

US dollar bounce quickly fades in another tell

The dip buyers aren't waiting around Higher rates are no match for vaccine optimism. Money continues to march out of US dollars. The non-farm payrolls report and rising Treasury yield led to a small rebound in the dollar but that was met by waves of selling. The aggressiveness of the pushback is a s

BTC/USD Forex Signal: Bulls Hit Record High

Yesterday we saw a profitable long trade from the bullish bounce at the support level of $18,300. Any remainder of this position is probably best exited for profit now as the price is looking less likely to travel much higher over the short term. Risk 0.50% per trade. Trades may only be entered prio

Bitcoin hits record, USD is going weak again

Bitcoin eyes $20,000 After the Thanksgiving slump which almost tested the $16,000 level, Bitcoin has steadily rallied back above the $19,000 level and has hit an all-time high as interest grows and macro arguments seem bulletproof in the short-term. Bitcoin and all the major altcoins are rallying st

Bitcoin - Down Turn Time

#BTC/USD# This is the second time the Bitcoin attempted to reach the $20,000 level so a downside trend is very likely to happen soon. Do you agree?

27.11 - Gold continues to feel the pull of gravity

Gold continues to feel the pull of gravity after facing rejection at $1818 for two consecutive days. Despite the uncertainty about the coronavirus vaccine development and continued escalation in the infections globally, gold remains vulnerable amid thin trading conditions on Black Friday. The XAU/US

Gold still short - next stop 1750

#XAU/USD# Hey traders, here is the analysis for gold. NOTE - Please do your own analysis before taking the trade. Let me know if you guys have any questions in the comment section. If you guys like my analysis please hit like. Thanks.

WEEKLY NOTION - Joe Biden as the New U.S. President & Currency Pairs to Look Out For - Nov 8, 2020

The dollar dropped to its lowest level in over two months against a basket of peer currencies on last Friday, as the contentious U.S. election dragged on and the result met the expected victory of Joe Biden as the next president on Nov 7, 2020. Japan Times reported that the government and Bank of Ja

BREAKING - Joe Biden Officially Won the U.S. Election - Nov 8, 2020

FOX NEWS - As of 2:00 a.m. (GMT+8), Nov 8, 2020. Joe Biden has defeated Donald Trump at this stage, 290 - 214.NOTE: 270 electoral votes are needed to become president.WASHINGTON (CNN) - America has chosen Democrat Joe Biden as its 46th president, CNN projects, turning at a time of national crisis to

BREAKING - S&P 500 Futures Rise as U.S. Election Suggests Less Regulatory Risk

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. stock market futures were marginally higher late on Wednesday as the presidential election race remained cloudy and the likelihood of gridlock in Congress made investors optimistic that major policy changes would be difficult to enact.S&P emini futures were last up 0.

Golden Scout - Gold Shoots Back Above $1,900 On U.S. Election Uncertainty, Covid

Illustration photo of gold from Reuter.Kuala Lumpur (GMT +8) - Gold shot above $1,900 an ounce, rallying for a third day in a row on Tuesday, as the American presidential election neared its finish amid concerns of delayed results and possible legal challenges that triggered a bid for the safe-haven

Where Did You Gold? - Gold Price is Bullish at the Peak of the Election

Kuala Lumpur 10:00 a.m. (GMT+8) - The gold price rose the early Asian market, and the U.S. election continued to affect the trend.The vote counts of current President Trump and Democratic candidate Biden in Pennsylvania have attracted much attention. Besides, the Bank of England (BOE) and Federal Re

Pull-up Update