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FOLLOWSTAR campaign is still running enthusiastically! Since the launch of the campaign, we have received an overwhelming response from users worldwide. We would like to congratulate users who have achieved such outstanding trading performance on FOLLOWME.

We have invited one of our 3 STARS users, @RexNguyen to share his thoughts and experiences throughout his participation in this campaign by using our mobile app usage to invite friends and others.

@RexNguyen is an investment researcher in the foreign exchange field. He is an experienced trader with more than 2- years of transactions and won prestigious full scholarships from the University of Cambridge and University of the West. He is experienced in consulting global financial markets and providing consultancy to investors. @RexNguyen earned the highest $3000 commission monthly from his trading and developing customer system only on FOLLOWME.

Currently, he is working with KVB PRIME and desires to bring more professional financial cooperation programs for the investment team in Vietnam.

Let’s reveal the experience of his trading:


Q: How did you find out about our FOLLOWSTAR campaign? Can you share your trading experience?

RexNguyen: I was introduced to FOLLOWSTAR campaign by my friend. Also, I found that this campaign was advertised on FB, Zalo, and Telegram group, hence most customers shared the event on social media after getting the information.

What I like about this event is it’s very easy to get 2 lot for $90, many customers don’t care about the trading keep open and close 0.05 lot for EU and in the end, lose around $34, then they wait to withdraw the remain $56

Q: Among your referrals, are they new in the trading industry?

RexNguyen: I believe most are medium experience customers in the beginning time, with some experience in Forex or other financial investment. However, after 1 month I think most of the new referrals are rather experienced traders.

Q: How would you co-operate with your friends and team to work together to hit the target (30 lots) for the team (for both fresh user and experience)? Do you guide them on how to trade?

RexNguyen: Our team plan uses FOLLOWME CopyTrade system to attract customers, some IBs from KVB PRIME are interested in CopyTrade or customers from other Broker want to check the history of a trader to Copy their order. The transparent and intermediate of FOLLOWME CopyTrade system is what we use to introduce customers.

 Q: What do you usually trade? Any favorite currency pairs?

RexNguyen: Mostly is to know the process to gain a stable income from Forex. My favorites are Gold, as well as GU NCad UCad

Q: Since you have traded with profit, has the extra commission changed your lifestyle or income structure?

RexNguyen: I think the most impact is since I can earn an extra commission with the order, I can aim for the order that only needs to break even. Also, the trading mentality will be slightly relief.

Q: Since you have great trading experience, any advice for our FOLLOWSTAR users so that they can maximize their profit via this campaign?

RexNguyen: Do not take a risk, low sustainable profit is better than high short-term profit. 80% of the time a trader is to wait for an opportunity, signaling to open an order.

Thanks @RexNguyen for sharing his FOLLOWSTAR experiences with our community. 

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to you for being guidance and great feedback in the FOLLOWSTAR campaign.

Isn’t it favorable to trade and maximize your profit together with your teammate?

Start inviting and trading to get your commission now! 



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