Big shark on the move! @nguyenminhtam

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@nguyenminhtam had shown an extraordinary performance on his trading record in FOLLOWME. This account is an EA account meaning that the trade position is based on computer algorithms and artificial intelligent. Meaning to say that this is an robo-trader account. (No scepticism on robot capability). Me myself also copytrade from EA system sometimes. Their performance can be considered better than human or manual trading itself. This technology is not foreign anymore and we do know that we live in big data analysis and only computer knows how to calculate it fast and precisely. 

Overall @nguyenminhtam had catch my attention with his return on investment (ROI) which recorded 568.87% as of 18/9/2020. I never seen this kind of huge ROI before in followme. This might be due to his trading period which initially deposited on December 2016 which the amount of his initial investment is $100,000 USD. 

Big shark on the move! @nguyenminhtam

If you seek for consistent profitable strategy trader, this could be it. As far on his record, the profitability graph shows steady growth throughout the period and this steady growth is what we as a trader looking for. The overall profit is $568923.51 which 5X or 500% more than his initial deposit. Insaneeee!!!! The amount of withdrawal is also huge in volume which is $574634.46. Damn is this a bank or what?! 

Big shark on the move! @nguyenminhtam

@nguyenminhtam act like he an institutional trader and that should be your concern. In order to copy, i suggest for you to have a lot of capital or control your risk management in order to copytrade this account because I’m afraid you will blow your account or get margin call due to the small size account you have. Do check the drawdown % and calculate with your own capital. As been suggested by the strategy manager, he stated that the minimum fund should be around $1000 - Smart Ratio

Big shark on the move! @nguyenminhtam

Furthermore, for the past few month, I witness a steady profit on this account from 2019 till current date. He made profit in every month without fail. This consistency is huge advantage to the subscriber to gain profit.

Big shark on the move! @nguyenminhtam

Also for the holding period, this account is very active in his position and do not hold for a long time. Thus, this will benefit the copytrader in terms of commission or swap fee that need to be pay to the broker

Big shark on the move! @nguyenminhtam

Overall ,I am very overwhelm with the interface and platform that been provided by FOLLOWME. This account analysis is the best feature so far as a copytrader to find his/her strategy manager. Everything is clear stated on the past performance and this will help me a lot in term of choosing the right account to be follow and subscribe. Hoping the FOLLOWME community will be increase and boost each other motivation and give ideas about trading everyday. Thank for reading my post! Happy weekend =)#copytradingvsselftrading##copytradingprofit##copytraderinterview#

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@Linda888:huge capital needed for this account