Make $55,326.79 in one Week?-Weekly Report

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2020/08/24-2020/08/28 Total Trading Orders


Compared with 87,544 orders last week, increased 3219 orders, and the increase rate is 3.68%

All great investments start in a violated environment, while winners are often born from such an violated environment. For the fourth week of August, the total profit of top 10 traders with the highest profit has reached 205K dollars. @ YH Lai has been to FOLLOWME community only for 12 days, while became the TOP1 with the profit $55,326.79 dollars in one week. Besides, @danney5215 back to TOP2 after 2 weeks. Here are the details of the ranking :

Make $55,326.79 in one Week?-Weekly Report

Make $55,326.79 in one Week?-Weekly Report

Make $55,326.79 in one Week?-Weekly Report

@冷岩作手 Top 1 in the ranking of Top 10 Signals with 20 account following. He prefers trend trading and trades on XAU/USD and other currency pairs as well as Oil and Bitcoin occasionally. The trading lots per order are always between 0.05 and 0.01 lots. He has strict risk management. He places stop loss for every orders, and never carry orders and increase the position against the market. If he has three consecutive losses, he will suspended trading for three days. The MXDD of every order is <3%.


@专注外汇达人 2nd place in the ranking Top 10 Signals with 2 accounts following. He prefers daily trading and trades on EUR/USD and GBP/USD only.The trading lots per order are between 0.02 and 6 lot. He has heavy position and will carry orders occasionally, and can get extremely high profit coverage losses under unilateral market conditions. Usually it can obtain good profits in the long-term.


@既济守一 3nd place in the ranking Top 10 Signals with 33 accounts following. He prefers trading with the up-trend and good at trades XAU/USD. The trading lots per order are always between 0.01 and 1 lots. The ROI is 1220.53% high. His accounts starts form 200 USD and win up to 2400 USD. He will set stop loss when he places positions. The average holding time of all profited orders is 11hours and 54 minutes. And the average holding time of all profited orders is 27hours and 6 minutes. The win ratio is 80.48%.


Congratulations @BakKutTeh @id2rich for good profit you have earned! For traders or followers who are not in the ranking lists, please review your signals and focus on Forex market, hope you can be in the Top 10 ranking one day!


There is a saying in the trading industry: The primary criterion for evaluating whether a trader is professional is not his profitability, but his risk control ability. Being able to on the weely ranking once is a manifestation of the profitability of traders, while two times is a demonstration of good risk control ability. Last but not least, FOLLOWME kindly remind all traders that the forex market is volatile, and we must pay attention to risk control. Stable profit is the king!



Disclaimer: The data above should not be construed as investment advice. Any trades or hedges you make are taken at your own risk for your own account.



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such a motivation!
this is great!
awesome guys!
great works! very motivating~
take opportunity in this pandemic situation...nice work !
Yes. So motivating to see how those who see this pandemic from a 'glass half full' perspective is reaping their reward (with a good balance of risk management and sound analysis in place, of course).
mostly from Chinese trader...🤑...
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Congrats to the well deserving winners!
hahah I got 3rd place on the ranking... not too sure about the amount, it meant to be 19k USD I guess?
Outstanding achievements - the sky is the limit of what can be achieved👏
Nice! Well done to all the achievers and apt quote on the importance of risk management at the end of this write up!
it's the first time that I am on the ranking
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extraordinary performance!
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