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“Learn to fight from the war.” That what @MetalQuant told us. It seems that take the highest risk to win the remarkable profits is his key for trading. For most investors in Forex market, they eager for stability. While It seems arrogant for that @MetalQuant said he choose profit rather than stability. However, as a trader with 10 years experience while has never blew up one account. This is what we really appreciated. Let’s reveal the secrets of his trading:

FOLLOWInterview | @MetalQuant: I Profited $50,000 OvernightQ: How long have you been trading? What makes you enter the Forex market?

I’ve traded for 10 years. Used to trade for stocks and futures, but forex seems to be more interesting since you can trade global assets.


Q: Have you ever blew up your account?

No, I don't lose money that I cannot afford. Risk management is always important.


Q: Can you tell me briefly about your trading experience?

Learn to fight from the war, which is learn from the past mistakes. I never used demo account for trading. One can learn only if you loss the real money.


Q:Was there anything that impressed you among your trading life?

I made 50K dollars in 2015 when S&P 500 fell, triggering a circuit breaker that halted trading for 15 minutes.


Q:What do you think is the most important technical tool and why?

Technical tools are supplementary. I don't think any technical tool is important.The understanding of the market is the key for trading.


Q:Can you give us a brief description of your EA trading strategy?

Based on big data, trading frequently.


Q:What do you think is the most important for trading to achieve long-term and stable profits?

There is no stability in the world. Even Buffett would lose money. Don't pursue stability, pursue profit.


Q:It can be seen from your trading account that you trades XAU/USD only. What interests you about this currency pair?

It has high volatility.


Q:What do you think of the excessive profits in forex trading market? How about the people who can make excessive profits?

You deserve to make huge profits if you have a stable strategy, but if you earn profit because of luck, you will lose unless you stop trading anymore. Face yourself! Don't count your luck as your strength. Don't doubt your ability to make money.


Q:You are now almost fully engaged in trading, so how do you feel about the experience of trading for a living?

I have several businesses. I will never make a living from just one business.


Q:Any advice to those new traders in our community?

When I started trading, I read the book: Reminiscences of a Stock Operator several times. Studying macroeconomics also helped me a lot. However, the order should always be consistant with the current situation. As if most people agreed that heavy position is not right, but Soros would say your position is not big enough; most people agreed that set stop-loss is important, but some top traders say “stop?that's for bus.” You should discover trading secrets by yourself.

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