FOLLOWSTAR- Features Guide

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FOLLOWSTAR provides various practical features to all of our users.

  • Simple operation to invite new users.
  • Group list to find and manage the clients you invited.
  • Private chat box to chat with your group members freely.
  • Trades list to track your clients’ account information directly.
  • ....

In the following paragraph, we will elaborate on the features of FOLLOWSTAR. Are you ready to embark on an exciting experience?


The picture below is the FOLLOWSTAR Home Page where you can find the detailed ‘Rules’

of FOLLOWSTAR. Your FOLLOWSTAR Level will be shown below your profile photo as well.

FOLLOWSTAR- Features Guide


1. How to Invite New Users

Step 1: Click “Invite” and you can share your unique invitation link to your friends or potential clients.

Step 2: New users click your link and register a FOLLOWME account. After the registration is done, you and your referrals will be in the same client network aiming at gaining commissions.

FOLLOWSTAR- Features Guide


2. How to Upgrade Your Level on FOLLOWSTAR

One STAR: Complete registering

Two STARS: Open a live account with one of our sponsored brokers

Three STARS: The trading volumes of your account reach six lots and the trading volumes of your clients’ accounts reach 30 lots (cumulatively)

Four STARS: Have three or more three-star clients and earn at least 1500 USD in commissions

Five STARS: Have five or more four-star clients

FOLLOWSTAR- Features Guide



FOLLOWSTAR- Features Guide

3. How to Create Your Referral Group

Click “more” and choose to create your group. In the group list, you can find all your clients and manage the list as your preference.

FOLLOWSTAR- Features Guide


FOLLOWSTAR- Features Guide

4. How to View the Trades of Your Clients’ Accounts

When you click “TRADES”, you will find your clients’ account information. Meanwhile, you can view by choosing different indicators.

FOLLOWSTAR- Features Guide

Start the journey and get commission now! Stay tuned for more information.



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Trading time out please help sir
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Bonus Credit End 😐
no bonus come to my account
I'm sorry seniors I want to join here. but I don't know how to get the MT4 account please guidance .wa: 087873820036 thx.Entas
i have complete my 5 refelrall and all of them get 2 star, why i am not receive the $90 bonus?
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@khoirul2108002:please refer to:
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nice one...a good passive income source
Followstar is da bomb!
I have a contingency 5 and a verified one, but a $90 bonus I don't take?
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@dodibombom330:Please refer to:

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