The advantages of female trader

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One that is mentally defective might not be suitable for this industry, while those who have mental advantage might have a smoother journey of trading. Comparing to men, women might enjoy relevant advantages in trading in the following aspects.

Men are more likely to pass the buck.
Usually, men have a stronger ego. After listening to too much science of success, they only want to win. Losing for them means they are the losers. “I cannot lose, but only win” might sound familiar, right? In the world of trading, however, the loss does not mean failure. The consecutive loss still does not mean you are the loser. The rule of decimals does not apply to forex trading.

Men are less likely to obey the rules.
It is harder for men to follow systematic rules without any changes. Men love to take adventures, explore the unknown and exceed themselves. Yet changing the rules constantly is fatal in trading. Compare to that, women are more rational. They understand the sole purpose of trading is to make money rather than to see thrill.

Men are more self-centred.
In other words, men are usually smugging who think they are smarter than others and have more inside information. Honestly, it is obvious that in such a market where the rule is based on the majority being losers, it can never be as simple as that. So, mostly, rush into the market before fully understanding the rules and trading methods are reckless men.

Men are more easily defeated.
Behind a businessman, there is usually an excellent woman supporting him. This is no coincidence. Xu Hoafeng once said:
Since ancient times, the head of a clan is normally female. Women oversee finance and administration. Regarding intimate relationship, women are the active party who take over all the rights. Therefore, it is fair to say women are the knife whereas men are the scabbard. This is the tradition instead of being newly invented. So in a clan, even if the men failed, women can still put themselves together and march forward courageously, because they have been raised up like that.

Women are usually calmer when faced with a major crisis, therefore when they go into society, they are invincible.

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