The interview of Kosin

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The interview of Kosin


Kosin(Profile: is a Followme A level trader. His account has been trading for almost one year, and he had a very impressive performance, especially his amount is not big. His capital is good for the FX beginner, so we are pleased to invite Kosin to take this interview and share his FX experience with other Followme users.


1. Could you please tell us your name? (Full name or nickname)


I’m Kosin Phanmuang.


2. Are you a Full-time trader?


Definitely yes. I’ve been trading for 9 years. but I’ve just become a full-time trader for 3 years. Also, I’m a Programmer who develops an automatic trading system as well.


The interview of Kosin


3. How do you start your FX trading?


I saw an advertisement on the internet. I was searching for a way to make money online and extra income at that time.


4. What kind of trader you are? (Steadiness, aggressive or others)


I consider myself a Scalping Trader. I don’t like holding the positions overnight.


5. Are you a system trader?


Yes, I am.


6. What is the most important thing if you want to make a long-term profit?


In my opinion, the most important thing is following your strategies. You have to trade on your plan. and always put your stop loss on every single trade.


7. How do you test your trading idea?


When I’d like to test my new trading systems. I usually update my trading journals. and see the result every 100 orders to consider the trading performances. such as Win rate, Profit Factor, Drawdown, etc.


The interview of Kosin


8. How do you do risk control?


I always place an order and calculate the size of the position based on my balance and SL is the most important thing I use it every time. For example, if I had $1000 in the capital I would place an order of $1000 / 10,000 points = 0.10 Lots per trade.


9. What role does psychology play in trading?


Emotions such as fear and greed can have a negative impact on your trading. You should learn how to overcome these emotions to become a professional trader.


10. Do you have any suggestion to your follower, especial for the beginner.


Trading forex has never been easier. If you’re a novice you should start trading with a demo account. If you realized that was difficult for you. You can become an investor to start following a professional trader that has at least 1-year trading record in the past and Drawdown shouldn’t be more than 30%.


The interview of Kosin


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