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Why I opened a position of #GBP/CHF# just now? As you see, this chart shows that the GBPCHF is now at a strong supportive area, the price is hard to go down continuously. Besides, the 180MA in 30MS chart time was changed , it will likely bound going up with a buy confirmation signal. If GBPCHF keep going up, the where I bought will be a start of the buying trend.If not, I lose money a bit, it’s affordable for my acc.What do you think? #OPINIONLEADER# #ProgramOpinionLeader# #imTrader交易大赛#

Edited 14 May 2021, 03:29

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I've changed my opinion about the gbpchf. Get a bit profit, closed the position, wait for another change to trade.
@威力看盘 Another chance, typing wrong.
I think you are doing well in CAD/JPY. What do you think of this currency pair?
@Aurora No a solid support yet.Normally I didn't trade it cause the price I didn't get any discount price to buy.
Do you think it will get support in the 1.2660 area and then continue to rise?
@baker It had break the consolidation and I think it will get support around 1.269-1.271.