S10 Contest | Invite for Prize-2nd Period

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The 2nd period of Invitation Reward is here! Just invite your friends right now! Lets know more about it↓↓↓


※Who can participate in※

MT4 trading users



📢1. Every time you invite a friend to participate in the FOLLWME Contest, you will be rewarded with $2. Invite 10 people and you can get $20.

📢2. Every time you invite a friend to use the #KVB PRIME# account to participate in the FOLLWME Contest, you will be rewarded with $4. Invite 10 people and you can get $40.



The more invitees, the more rewards.

S10 Contest | Invite for Prize-2nd Period

 ※How to get the invitation link※

📢Step 1:

You can find your invite link on the following pages:

· Invite friends page

· My Scores page

S10 Contest | Invite for Prize-2nd PeriodS10 Contest | Invite for Prize-2nd Period


📢Step 2:

Send the invitation link to your friend.

He/she needs to register a FOLLOWME account via the link you shared and sign up for the competition (

After the complete a trade, you can get CASH rewards.



The 2nd period: May 16 - May 31

*Note: We will statistic the invitation registration time.

The 3rd period: Coming soon...



1. How to get the prizes?

①Your friend must register on FOLLOWME via the link you shared.

②Your friend must register for the #FOLLOWME Contest#.

③Your friend must complete a trade after successfully registering for the FOLLOWME Contest.


2. Your friend must pass the verification of the real-name authentication on the FOLLOWME, otherwise, the prize will be cancelled. The identification information between the MT4 account and FOLLOWME account should be the same to pass the real-name authentication of FOLLOWME.


3. All of the prizes will be issued to the bank account provided by you within 10 working days after the contest ends. Please submit your bank information to your FOLLOWEM account.

Steps: Open Settings - Account (Real-name authentication) - Wallet (Bank account), submit your bank information after completing real-name authentication.

*Specially mentioned:

You must complete real-name authentication and submit bank information before July 5, otherwise, it will be regarded as giving up the prizes. If we found malpractice and fraud behaviour, including but not limited to malicious double registration, virtual deposit, credit account, penny account, mirror transactions, etc., the qualification to participate in the event will be cancelled, and no rewards will be issued. The trading competition organizer reserves the right of final interpretation for the content and terms hereinabove.


FOLLOWME Contest is a trading event for global trading users and it is held two seasons a year. FOLLOWME hopes to hold a stage for users to share their trading capacity and find some outstanding traders.

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S10 Contest | Invite for Prize-2nd Period

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