KVB PRIME Offers Extra BONUS up to $4,500

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Have you participated in the S10 FOLLOWME Contest?

Are you using a #KVB PRIME# account?

Here is a new event for you!

 #KVB PRIME# provides up to $4,500 for you to WIN!

Anyway, if you are a champion in the KVB PRIME Group, you can get up to $3,400!!!

Join now!!!

KVB PRIME Offers Extra BONUS up to $4,500

*The table is from S10 FOLLOWME Contest Ranking.


KVB PRIME Offers Extra BONUS up to $4,500


All the #KVB PRIME# account users in S10 FOLLOWME Contest



April 1, 2022-July 1, 2022


📢Extra Bonus:









*Note: All rewards distributed by #KVB PRIME#.



The event rules are according to the Season 10 FOLLOWME Contest Rules for the Broker Group. The calculation formula is in the following content, please check it out!

The Comprehensive Score=Account equity Score*20%+Maximum Drawdown Score*20%+Accumulated Net Profit Score*30%+Profit Ratio Score*30%

Looking forward to you joining in the S10 Contest to win the BONUS!

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KVB PRIME Offers Extra BONUS up to $4,500

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