READ N' GO-Daily News Recap

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READ N' GO-Daily News Recap

Good morning traders! This is the official account to find out all the breaking news that may/may not affect your trading decision such as economic policies, political moves, global agendas, and more.

BUT first, to start off your day with a bang, here's a recap of the important news we think you should recall, ICYMI yesterday!

  1. Australia coronavirus - Worst day yet for the state of NSW / Sydney as cases jump again
  2. More from Biden - some evidence that government benefits have given people an incentive not to go back to work
  3. US President Biden says most experts believe long term inflation is not likely to get out of hand
  4. Fitch Ratings affirms Korea at "AA-" with a Stable Outlook
  5. Japanese PM Suga to negotiate early delivery of 20m Pfizer vaccine doses
  6. ECB policy meeting Thursday 22 July 2021 - no change in settings expected
  7. Australia coronavirus - locked-down state Victoria records another increase in new cases
  8. US infrastructure - 2 hours after the vote failed the positive hype has begun again
  9. Senior Australian politicians have had 'discussions' with the Governor and Deputy Governor of the RBA
  10. Crypto - Coinbase says its experiencing connection issues that may impact transfers

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