His Growth Curve is Like a Roller Coaster, How about yours?

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2021/05/03 - 2021/05/07 Total Trading Volume


(Up by 47,514 or 9.02% w-o-w)

If you have taken a roller coaster, you will exclaim so similar when you look at the growth curve of

@古朴若愚 . There is also a 90° vertical drop, with a maximum loss of US$90,000; there is also a 20° limit climb, turning losses into profits, closed the position with a profit of $50,000

Now, in the process of gaining momentum, he earned 89,000 US dollars in a single week and won the top of the profit list this week. Roller coaster-style trading is not something everyone can afford. You must have a strong heart and strong financial support like him.

His Growth Curve is Like a Roller Coaster, How about yours?

Earned 16,000 USD in a single week by subscribing to other traders, this is the second time that @Tony_S has won the top of COPYTRADER this year. Although he has not won many championships, his statistics on the list are very impressive. Such a profitable and stable state, isn't this exactly what every trader pursues?

His Growth Curve is Like a Roller Coaster, How about yours?

This week's top 1 signal is still @交易员 张总 , the champion on last week. With his excellent manual operation ability, he helped subscribers earn more than 30,000 US dollars in a single week; The second place is @逍遥子由 , the profit-loss ratio is 1:1, and the winning rate is 73.93%, he has made a profit of US$24,000 from US$5,000 so far, which is super profitability; The third place is

@一阳指168 with a stable profit account for two years,what he pursues is not an immediate profit in a few days or weeks, but the patience to try to grasp the wave trend.

His Growth Curve is Like a Roller Coaster, How about yours?

The list in the First week of May has been displayed. If you are on the list, then you must be a hardworking and lucky person!

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