READ N' GO-Daily News Recap

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READ N' GO-Daily News Recap

Good morning traders! This is the official account to find out all the breaking news that may/may not affect your trading decision such as economy policies, political moves, global agendas and more.

BUT first, to start off your day with a bang, here's a recap of the important news we think you should recall, ICYMI yesterday!

  1. Biden raised the idea of a 5c gasoline tax to help pay for the infrastructure plan
  2. WTI crude oil settles at $59.70.
  3. Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda to speak in the Diet Tuesday 13 April 2021
  4. PBOC sets USD/ CNY reference rate for today at 6.5454 (vs. yesterday at 6.5578)
  5. US dollar adding to its earlier gain
  6. Oil prices - "pockets of strength interspersed with areas of weak demand"
  7. Goldman Sachs updated forecast for USD/JPY is 103 (12 months horizon)
  8. Australia weekly consumer confidence: 114.1 (prior 107.7)
  9. Canada confirms support package for Air Canada
  10. UK medical press (Lancet) reports UK coronavirus strain spreads faster, but not as deadly

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