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If you are looking for a suitable trader to learn from or simply a right signal to copy trade from, this is definitely the place you should keep an eye on every week starting today!

Long story short, we are going to highlight ONE fantastic trader every week based on their trading performance, ranking and you know the drill. So, let’s get started!

TRADER OF THE WEEK | @rainmain

In this week’s segment, we are going to feature @rainmain from China. He joined FOLLOWME on Jul 07, 2019. Since then, his extraordinary performance has captured our attention.

The trader has 1 active account in FOLLOWME ,#15 ForexTimeFXTM-ECN, and today, our analysis is based on this trading account. If you want to know more, you can check out his profile page right here for more details.

When we looked at his growth, we noticed that the trader has grown his profit with an increasingly upward curve making a $35,485.05 Closed Profit in five months. You will particularly like this trader if you are looking for someone to copy trade from. 

TRADER OF THE WEEK | @rainmain

He has shown great ability to leverage the global economy and volatile situation in the industry to come out with an impressive 71.91% wins, he attracted 1,325 subscribers and the subscription funds are close to 3 million US dollars. He helped subscribers gain a total profit of 709,325.76 US dollars. He also dominated the community's signal Top10 list for 9 consecutive weeks.

TRADER OF THE WEEK | @rainmainTRADER OF THE WEEK | @rainmainTRADER OF THE WEEK | @rainmain

His peak FOLLOWRANK was 9.2 on Nov 29, 2020, and fell to 6.3 on April 2, 2021

He scores excellently when it comes to casual Profit and capital size. His stability level and risk control are also above average. But the profitability scores are 5.2, as we can see his Floating P/L is -13,909.21 USD, it shows there are many open positions he is losing, he didn’t seem like he was going to close it soon. This resulted in his overall score is not high.

TRADER OF THE WEEK | @rainmain

If you are reading our ‘Trader of the Week’ segment for the first time, then let us tell you that FOLLOWRANK is a comprehensive score calculated based on factors such as stability, profitability, risk control ability, non-lucky profitability, and capital scale of the account trading performance in the past 13 weeks.


From his overall ranking, we believe he is not a risk trader, he does not believe in a high risk, high return approach. It indeed shows that he is a confident trader who knows what he is doing.

With a holding period of 17.3 hours on average, this trader does not hold trades for too long. From his performance, we can say that he knows the best time and techniques to place his orders and manage trades for a profitable gain.


Upon analyzing his growth, we also took a deeper look at rainmain's weekly trades. From the beginning, the account has been in a state of floating loss, and the amount of floating losses has been increasing, the floating loss reached -13,908.65 USD on April 2. The floating loss ratio reached about 30%. This is a bit unacceptable.

TRADER OF THE WEEK | @rainmain

Another point of the weekly profit and loss chart is that while there are floating losses every week, there is no closing loss in a week, which means that some or most of the trading orders have floating losses, and they are only flat after making a profit. When encountering extremes In the market, it may cause a large retracement.

Let's take a look at the equity/balance chart. The equity line is always below the balance line, which shows his losing orders have not been closed positions all the time. It also verifies the content of the weekly profit and loss chart above.

TRADER OF THE WEEK | @rainmain

Followed by his profit analysis, we also had a peek at the trades he mostly invests in and it shows that he has a clean set of forex currency pairs. Currently, he trades on three pairs, GBP/USD, EUR/USD, and AUD/USD, the common denominator being USD.

TRADER OF THE WEEK | @rainmain

So, why do you think the confidence in this trader has not yet been picked despite his outstanding performance? If you are one of @rainmain's subscribers, we want to hear from you.

Also, if you want to say something to our Trader of the Week here, please leave a message in the comment section below.


That’s all for this week’s trader of the week. Don’t forget to check out our Signal tab for a Signal provider that suits you best!


Disclaimer: The data above should not be construed as investment advice. Any trades or hedges you make are taken at your own risk for your own account.

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