FOLLOWME Community Top Trading Report - Fourth week of February

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2021/02/22 - 2021/02/26 Total Trading Volume


(Up by 92,019 or 21.7% w-o-w)

This week, the top 10 profit list has a total profit of $266,000, setting a new record high in 2021, but only two months have passed in 2021. It is still a long time and the future is expected. I believe this record will be broken soon. At the same time, the community outstanding trader @快乐的加菲喵 made a deposit of $370,000 in December last year, focusing on trend and swing trading, and made a profit of $400,000 within two months, and also won the profit list champion for two consecutive weeks. Rich and capable! Below is more information about the list, let's take a look.

FOLLOWME Community Top Trading Report - Fourth week of FebruaryFOLLOWME Community Top Trading Report - Fourth week of FebruaryFOLLOWME Community Top Trading Report - Fourth week of February

After reading this week’s list, is there any trader you admire? If any, you can talk about him and the reason you admire him/her in the comment section.

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