FOLLOWME Community Top Trading Report - Fourth week of January 2021

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2021/01/25 - 2021/01/29 Total Trading Volume


(Up by 62,287 or 15% w-o-w)

 Miracles are rare, but there is no shortage of miracles in the trading market. In the 4th week of January, the community trader @外汇小目标 shorted gold and British pounds with large lots with a fairly high accuracy rate, achieving a weekly profit of 46,000 U.S. dollars and winning the champion of this week's profit list.

But there is always an unknown sadness behind the glory. Three weeks ago, he set a flag" "Finally deposit 35,000 U.S. dollars, if the position is liquidated, he will always withdraw from the forex market." Fortunately, the last battle was a success.

Here are the details of the major lists this week:

FOLLOWME Community Top Trading Report - Fourth week of January 2021FOLLOWME Community Top Trading Report - Fourth week of January 2021FOLLOWME Community Top Trading Report - Fourth week of January 2021

@rainmain #15 has a total amount of following of $3,950,000 to date. This is the 10th time that the signal has been in the top three of the profit list for helping followers, and continues to refresh the record of the list. Behind this hard-heartedness is that the trader used the hedge EA to make a half-year profit of $25,000 with a deposit of $8,000, with a yield of 315%. At the same time, with a profit-loss ratio of 1:1, the trading winning rate can still be as high as 71.58%.

@TradeGoldKing #4 has a total amount of following of $950,000. With the high-frequency EA, the signal made a deposit of US$10,000 in mid-December last year. In the past month, the income was $4,000, and the monthly yield was as high as 40%.

@金融大道的货币商人  #2 has a total amount of following of $650,000. Adopt Martin strategy and manual risk control method, prefer Euro, gold and British pound. In July 2020, the deposit was USD 25,000, and the profit was $59,000 within half a year, with an annual yield of 236%. Yet, it suffered a smaller retracement due to long Euros. However, now it’s set sail again, helping followers achieve a profit of $16,000 in a single week.

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