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Unlimited ups and downs, no fuse, trade 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year, these are the rules of the digital currency market, a typical speculative market, and the speculative properties far exceed stock investment. Although there are high risks, high returns have attracted many people to engage in digital currency. However, there are only a few people who can win.

Today, we have invited a trader from KVB PRIME who focuses on digital currency @danney5215. He is very patient and will wait for the best timing while trading. The profit curve of his #6 account tends to develop in a straight line from June to October of 2019, and the maximum difference between equity and balance is around $100,000. On October 26, 2019, he closed 300 lots of BTC/USD trading and earn $619,909.58 in a single day, which equaled the annual income of a small business.

He is very cautious and always sets stop-loss before trades. The profit-loss ratio of all his accounts is near 2:1. Investors do not have the habit of setting stop-loss, and neither do stock investors. This is a bad habit, he said, because you can be losing without a limit, and there is a limit on earning. Here is the entire interview with @danney5215, don’t miss it if you are interested in digital currency and trend trading.

Q1: Your #6 account achieved a daily profit of 619,909.58 USD, is this the biggest profit you've ever made in a single day? How did you do it?

danney5215: Regarding digital currency, I prefer to go long rather than going short. I think that long-term trading cannot be predicted or measured, and short-term trading does not need to be predicted or measured. When the price was up to near 13,800 and back to 7,300, which was close to the mining cost, I added position at the first drawdown because that is a key breakthrough area from my analysis. As the news of supporting the blockchain industry was released on the same day, I added position and it finally rose to 10,450.

I still remember that I told my friends that this was a great opportunity to enter the market targeting 10,450. We thought it would take 1 or 2 months to rise, and we didn't expect it to be achieved in one day. This is the charm of digital currency trading compared to other products, and there are often incredible rises and falls. Digital currency grew in the past few years. The orders in the current market increased more than 10 times compared to the year of 2017 with the largest fluctuation. I believe that there will be more and more people trading digital currency, and the trend of rising will keep in these few years.

I do suggest that investors can invest in digital currency since it is one of the best products with high volatility, and it is a product trading internationally and 24 hours a day. 30-40% of my money has been put in the digital currency market. I would recommend trading on known and historical currencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, and XRP; for small or new currency, we should wait and see if it can be stabilized.

Q2: Experienced investors know that its much harder to run large funds than small funds, but you can handle large funds with ease. From your side, what are the main difficulties to run large funds and small funds? 

danney5215: Large funds investment is mainly a question of mentality. The mentality needs more experience to be tempered. Much like mountain climbing, you must climb a small hill first, and you can climb the high hill with the skills and physical strength, which means the professionalism, psychological capacity, and funding in trading. 

I don't think there is any difference between trading and doing business. The biggest problem for investors is to accept the risks and how to act while facing mistakes. Most people like to earn high profits without risk, which is impossible. If your skills and profits increase, try to increase the investment ratio. Set a goal first, such as doubling the principal, or having the pips exceeds 2,000 points. If you do not achieve the goal, try to review every time you placed the order, learn from the book, or from top traders to improve your trading methods and read more stories from different fields to have an open mind. My advice to investors with small funds is to learn step by step with no rush.

Q3: You are called a master trader of trend trading. When did you start trend trading? What are the keys to trend trading?

danney5215: Great wealth is the result of time. I saw the success of many long-term traders and started to stop short-term hedge trading. Trend trading is something I have thought through in the past few years experiencing holding position, blowing up an account, and so on. People always remember the painful experience, and what I can do it to think about how to correct mistakes: to follow the fifty rules that I wrote.

I personally think that the core of the whole trend must be the long-term trend protection in the mid-term, with short-term entry, start to enter the market in a small stop loss space, pull out the profit-loss ratio, and start to continuously increase the stop loss until the trend turns. , Which includes the key skills of judging the direction, entering and reducing positions, and exiting the market. Each position is very important, most of them only have to learn to enter the field, so it has been unable to achieve big profits. However, the year 2020 may be a big opportunity. The global economy is bound to be turbulent. In financial markets, profit not only requires technology but also opportunities. The big market is not always there, but as long as you continue to use the right way, you can definitely encounter. There are big fluctuations.

Q4: The appearance of medium and long-term trading is a difficult problem for many investors because the appearance may bring greater profit-taking. What do you think about this problem? Is there an optimized method?

danney5215: It is true that I often make a profit of 1,000 points, and the final appearance is only 700 points, but this is inevitable. The replacement shock amplitude changes, the more chances there is to get a large amplitude. There is no way to change this. The market is always full of participants who reject long and short news or in different directions. Therefore, it will oscillate afterward. It is a very important technique to grasp the key areas of oscillation.

But in terms of mentality, I think if I am shocked, I can still find a new seat and buy it back. I think that if the market is 1000 points, I may be defeated by 300 points, but I can find other seats and buy again. Maybe you can still get the next 500-point market, the sum is still 800 points. As long as you maintain the trend and the trading trend does not change, the repurchase is the same. The mentality to complete all operations immediately without strict requirements!

Q5: Many traders put their mentality first and attach great importance to their impact on trading. How do you manage your own trading mindset? What mentality must be overcome?

danney5215: I have always believed that mentality is as important as technology, methods are easy to learn, and mentality may need to be adjusted most. When the transaction is downwind, it is difficult to see your problem, and when the headwind is up, the problem immediately surfaced. I think the best way to recognize your current emotions, think about the good and bad like this, and let yourself learn to face.

Generally, emotions are created after constant loss, doubt about oneself, and methods of distrust. At this time, you should return to the basic rules and don't have to worry about profit and loss. What you need to pay attention to is whether you are operating in accordance with this method, whether it is actually implemented, whether it is a market problem or your own error, and face its problems squarely. In general, you should be careful when entering the market, make a determination when going out, and wait for the market to test your patience, so these three hearts are usually considered.

In addition to trading, life must be balanced. Exercising, eating normally, rest, and traveling are all important. Sometimes, when you do other things alone, suddenly you will find a problem that can improve the transaction. As usual, then quickly take notes and put them in my collection!

I have a team myself, so I often discuss it. Ordinary people can find peers or a good coach, and speak out the problem when they communicate more, and perhaps bystanders will see more clearly than they do.

Q6: The unique leverage of foreign exchange trading makes its risk increase sharply. Risk control is also a link that every market participant pays special attention to. How do you achieve strict risk control?

danney5215: Control is the science of position management, which is also very scientific. Like the profit, the loss rate is also required by many people, but the profit loss rate is affected by the correlation between the stop loss point and the stop-loss point. Ordinary investors have no habit of stopping losses. This is a very bad behavior because your profit/loss ratio is very low, earn is limited and there is a limit to the amount you can lose.

I also experienced this time before I became a winner. I think that although the loss is stopped, it still keeps the chance that you can place an order next time, as well as working capital. Generally, I think that it is the maximum limit not to lose more than 3% of the principal in one operation. It is easier for ordinary people to use a fixed amount of stop-loss, but the trouble is that the position must be calculated every time as the size of each stop loss is different. Or I think the average person can pick 2-3 product fixed cycles and a fixed lot of orders and estimate the average amount of approximate loss that can be lost once and continue to place orders with the same lot. To lighten up and increase the position of the higher in the bargaining chip, it takes time to learn.

Q7: In your opinion, what is the most important thing that investors want to go from loss to profit?

danney5215: Most people lose money because there is no standard for randomness, that is, SOP. The most important thing in factory manufacturing is process management. The transaction is like a factory, but we produce money. It is the most important to build your own system. Write the order in order, what is the first and second. Then do it, and after each completion, review it again to see what can be improved. As of today, although I am already a winner, I still make a trading plan every day. I will analyze the situation first. If you do not see the signal before you start the analysis, it will cause a short time and prone to mistakes.

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