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  Asking For a Second Opinion:
When and How You Should Request One
  Get a second opinion when your doctor proposes a treatment or diagnoses a malady from tests that are open to interpretation—it may just save your life.  

Health Blog
Got an opinion or solution to a health issue? Click here to join our community and share ideas on how to improve healthcare.
eHealth Advocate
Need Help? Read e-Health Advocate, the FM online newsletter dedicated to helping consumers understand their rights and sharing our 10 years of experience in patient advocacy and consumer health technology.

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Medical Practices
FollowMe Pro
is designed as an affordable solution for medical practices to implement an electronic medical record (EMR) system. FollowMePro is web-based and requires no new hardware or software. You can click here to learn more...

EHR Serving Vulnerable Youth
HealthShack is a PHR developed for system-based youth and those aging out of foster care. Developed with youth input and design, HealthShack provides a virtual home for youth in transition. Click on link to view video of the youth in their own words. Click here for more...

Medline For quality health information, connect to National Library of Medicine’s MedlinePlus for patients, families, and the public at, Resources for Health Consumers at, or a Top 100 List ranked by medical librarians at
Medical librarians can help you find other health information. To find a medical librarian near you, call 1-800-338-7657 or view Librarians will not provide personal medical advice, but they will find trusted information about drugs, conditions, procedures, lab tests and other health topics.
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