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UPGRADE: Trading Account Management - Must-Read for MT4 Account Users!

Hi there! Wish you a happy new year! Here comes an upgraded version of trading account management. This is the first important product feature introductions of 2021. The information below is important to all traders and followers, so we strongly advise users to read it carefully. Our features have b
Cash 1000 Index profit
提款一部分出来, 当中零花钱用这就是外汇的魅力#trading##FX#
GOLD, XAU, GLD PRICE ANALYSISGold prices rushed up to another fresh seven-year-high to kick of this week’s trade.Comments from Jerome Powell on the television show 60 Minutes seemed to give another s...

(DAILY NOTION) EUR/USD Settle in the Balance Ahead of NFP, Next Mover: December U.S. NFP Data Release

Illustration photo of EUR/USD daily chart from Tradingview EUR/USD is currently trading around 1.2220, which is slightly below yesterday's low of 1.2235. Investors will be focus on the U.S. NFP data that will release later today. With most of those who were expecting the number to co


严选君不止一次和大家说过:做交易不能只盯着盈利,资金安全也是很重要的。 从近段时间收到的各种爆料、留言来看,年底遇到出金问题的用户还真的不在少数。 出金,可以说是每个做交易的人最看重的一个环节。出金方式的选择,出金频次、速度是否正常,当中都有很深的学问。而出金各个环节是否流畅运转,更是判断一个平台是否合规的重要标准。 今天,严选君就从上面这些问题入手,和大家好好说说有关出金的那些事。 一、从不缺席的争议 严选的老朋友相信都清楚,严选君一向喜欢用事实说话。那么这次也不例外,在文章的开头,我们不妨先来看看今年以来,一些出金方面出现问题的平台。 案例一:宁鑫科技无法出金 11月底,STC、标赫等代理
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Review of Loss-XAU/USD

Firstly,I am really sorry for my followers loss with me.I am not afraid of loss, because it happens with trading. While i am very guilty for who trust me but loss money by copying my trading.For my fault short position for the XAU/USD, my acc loss $ 629 for this order.And my suggestion to copytrad

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