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Review of Loss-XAU/USD

Firstly,I am really sorry for my followers loss with me.I am not afraid of loss, because it happens with trading. While i am very guilty for who trust me but loss money by copying my trading.For my fault short position for the XAU/USD, my acc loss $ 629 for this order.And my suggestion to copytrad

Gold Price Rebounds but U.S. Political Turmoil Raises Caution

Illustration photo of Gold Price H4 Chart from Gold price rebounded to $1837 and pushed up to $1858 so there is still a market risk sentiment. The key driving factor is the political turmoil in the United States. The violent protests at the Capitol have escalated the difficulty of securi

Top Japanese Regulator Does Not See XRP as a Security

Photo: FM When the US securities regulator is dragging Ripple to court over allegations of selling unregistered securities, its Japanese counterpart recently has an opposite view. According to a report by The Block, Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) has confirmed that it continues to see XRP a

Germany Contracts Most Since Global Financial Crisis

The German economy contracted the most since the 2008-2009 global financial crisis in 2020, but most likely avoided a double-dip in the fourth quarter of the year, underpinned by the better performance of the manufacturing sector. Gross domestic product fell 5 percent in 2020, in contrast to the 0.6

BaFin prohibits BIIC KREDIT from conducting unauthorized lending business and orders immediate liquidation

Photo: Wikifx In the notice on Nov 26, 2020, BaFin ordered BIIC KREDIT to immediately stop the loan business and immediately liquidate the business activities. BIIC KREDIT operates a credit platform on which it provides personal loans, student loans, real estate loans and car loans ("auto credit").
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Trump's Impeachment May Affect Gold

Illustration photo of Gold Price H4 Chart from After experiencing resistance, gold continued at $1845. The 10-year U.S. Treasury yield retraced its gains, prompting the greenback to reverse its upward probe and limiting gold. There is optimism that President-elect Joe Biden will adopt fi

imTrader 交易大赛S7赛季总榜公布,大赛史上最高奖金得主诞生!

#大赛史上最高奖金得主诞生# 2020年1月9日 imTrader 交易大赛S7赛季,在万众瞩目中圆满落下帷幕。 本次交易大赛由 FOLLOWME 与 FX168财经集团、FX112财经网、友财网、赛雷头条、汇商那点事等多家媒体联合举办,由 FXTM富拓、KVB PRIME、CXM希盟、SCOPE MARKETS、WeTrade众汇、Tradeview创汇证券、FxPro浦汇、Windsor Brokers温莎经纪 多家交易商联合赞助。 大赛从2020年9月开始报名,至2021年1月9日结束,90多个日夜的征程,3,583 位参赛者的角逐,超 370,000 元奖金

Licensed Forex Brokers in Malaysia (UPDATED)

Forex trading is common in Malaysia. However, the local authority, the Securities Commission (SC) is very strict against any unlawful activity that may harm the local residents in the industry. This makes it somewhat difficult for the forex brokerage companies to enter the market. Nonetheless, there


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(BLOOMBERG) Mirae Asset Global Investments Sees Opportunities In South Korea, India, Vietnam. - Jan 14, 2021.#investment##marketoutlook2021##Vietnam#

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