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Forex & Stock Trader ? When you learn to let go of the need to be right, being wrong gradually lose
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Belanja Modal Swasta Australia -3% Di Kuartal Ketiga, Meleset Dari Estimasi, AUD/USD Tidak Terpengaruh

Belanja Modal Swasta Australia turun lebih dari yang diperkirakan pada kuartal ketiga, menurut data terbaru yang diterbitkan oleh Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) pada hari Kamis. Total belanja modal baru turun 3% pada kuartal September 2020 vs ekspektasi -1,5% dan penurunan 5,9% yang disaksika

Anonymous Crypto Whale Transfers 40 Million XRP to Bitstamp

The unidentified user moved XRP tokens from an address that has been dormant since 2013. Photo: Reuters Blockchain tracking and analytics company, Whale Alert identified that an anonymous XRP holder moved around 40 million tokens to Luxembourg-based cryptocurrency exchange, Bitstamp. The tracking sy

Analisa Harga USD/CHF: Jatuh Ke Terendah Baru 13-Hari Di Bawah 0,9100

USD/CHF menggoda garis support mingguan, tetap tertekan di dekat terendah intraday.MACD bearish, tidak adanya RSI oversold menguntungkan penjual. USD/CHF turun ke level terendah sejak 9 November selama pagi hari ini. Namun, garis tren turun dari 17 November membatasi penurunan pasangan ini lebi
(BLOOMBERG) Bitcoin Major Correction Finally Slows Down - Nov 27, 2020.#bitcoinsurge##cryptocurrency##FlashNews##digitalcurrency#

Saudi, Russia energy ministers to hold informal talks with OPEC and JMMC on Saturday

Saudi Arabian and Russian Energy Ministers are expected to hold informal consultations with the OPEC and its allies (OPEC+) Joint Ministerial Monitoring Committee (JMMC) on Saturday, Nov 28, Russia’s news agency – TASS reported on Friday. The official OPEC+ ministerial meeting is scheduled for Nov 3

TRADER CỦA TUẦN | @nguyenminhtam

Nếu bạn đang tìm kiếm một nhà giao dịch phù hợp để học hỏi hoặc chỉ đơn giản là một tín hiệu phù hợp để sao chép giao dịch, thì đây chắc chắn là không gian chính xác bạn cần theo dõi mỗi tuần bắt đầu từ hôm nay! Tóm lại, chúng tôi sẽ giới thiệu MỘT nhà giao dịch xuất sắc hàng tuần dựa trên hiệu suất
(FX Empire) Bitcoin Move Back Through to $17,500 Levels Would Support the Pack. - Nov 28, 2020.#bitcoinsurge##cryptocurrency##technicalanalysis#...

FOLLOWME Community Top Trading Report - Second Week of November 2020

2020/11/9-2020/11/13 Total Trading Order 406,213 Compared with the previous week’s 340,886, the total trading order has grown by 19.1% or 65,327 for the latest week. For the latest week, the Top 10 Traders has delivered an outstanding performance with a total profit of $263,000 from the previous wee

FOLLOWME Community Trading Report - Third Quarter of 2020

Introduction:Since the beginning of the year, the global outbreak of COVID-19 has prompted countries and major economies around the world to adopt a series of large-scale economic stimuli to ease policies. Central banks, led by the Federal Reserve, have adjusted their monetary policies to inject liq
冷岩 作手

BOJ to consider extending measures aimed at easing funding strains beyond March – Jiji

The Bank of Japan (BOJ) is considering plans to extend the measures aimed at easing corporate funding strains beyond March, Jiji Press reports, citing people familiar with the matter. Photo: Wikipedia This report comes as no surprise, given the coronavirus resurgence in the country, with Tokyo havin

FOLLOWME Community Top Trading Report - Third Week of November 2020

2020/11/16 -2020/11/20 Total Trading Order 336,826 Compared with the previous week’s 406,213, the total trading order has shrunk by 17% or 69,387 for the latest week. For the latest week, the Top 10 Traders has delivered an outstanding performance with a total profit of $141,000. Among them, @power1
易金 战神 四海 智能
USD/INR: Indian rupee sellers battle weekly resistance line around mid-74.00s USD/INR stays mildly bid ahead of the Indian session open. MACD recedes bearish bias, key SMAs limit immediate downside. H...
(REUTERS) Here's How Soon the COVID-19 Vaccines Will Be Available. - Nov 27, 2020.#CoronavirusVaccine# #moderna# #Pfizer# #FlashNews#

TRADER OF THE WEEK | @nguyenminhtam

If you are looking for the right trader to learn from or simply a right signal to copy trade from, this is definitely the exact space you need to keep an eye on every week starting today! Long story short, we are going to highlight ONE superb trader every week based on their trading performance, ran

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