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Harga Pasar“Meningkat” Untuk Kanada Dan Australia Hingga Akhir 2023 – IIF

Grafik suku bunga yang ditawarkan antar bank London (LIBOR) berjangka yang dicuitkan oleh Robin Brooks, Kepala Ekonom di Institute of International Finance, menunjukkan bahwa pasar memperkirakan "kenaikan" harga untuk kawasan kaya komoditas seperti Kanada dan Australia hingga akhir 2023. Kenaikan me

FOLLOWLIVE (EVENT) - First Rule to Get Promising Return: Disciplined Capital management

When it comes to trading, no matter how good you are in analysing a chart, without a proper risk management system set in place, you are very likely to face two outcomes: Lose Big or Win Small. In fact, it is safe to say that up to 90% of loss-making trades came from the traders who lack the fu
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Hello there, what's the trending forex now for a beginner? 😍 #COPYTRADENOW#

Gold Soars, Oil Pared Back, Bitcoin Wobble

Oil pares gains as lockdowns become more severe New and extended lockdowns may be taking their toll on broader risk appetite today and it may have taken the edge off oil prices which appeared to be continuing their impressive late 2020 run into the new year. The lockdowns are becoming more severe wh


Before the year 2020 ends, we would like to show you our gratitude by hosting this special campaign in order to hear from each of you about your trading skills. But we won't be focusing on the symbols or technical analysis this round, instead, we want to hear from you about your tips and insights in

The Week in Review: What Are This Week's Hottest Topics?

Hey traders, we hope that you had a great week! This week, these were some of the hot topics raised by FOLLOWME's users in line with the market sentiment, let’s see if you are on the same page: #initialjoblessclaims# - Initial jobless claims rose up to 885,000 last week, portraying a bleak picture o

#ChristmasDailyTreat# TOPIC - If you could change any of your past trading decisions this year, what would it be?

2020 is arguably the worst year ever for many of us as we witnessed the world economic and social-well being threatened by the pandemic. During this crisis, some managed to grab the opportunities in profiting, while many suffered a loss in their investments and trades. But one thing for sure about t
Hạ viện Hoa Kỳ thông qua kế hoạch cứu trợ và dự luật tài trợ của chính phủ 1. Theo báo cáo của CNBC, Hạ viện Mỹ đã thông qua kế hoạch giải cứu 900 tỷ USD và dự luật trích lập...