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XAUUSDprice range 01-09-20201916-1971Bangkok and Jakarta time :05.00 - 09.00 -------BUY09.00 - 13.00 -------SELL13.00 - 17.00 -------SELL17.00 - 21.00 -------SELL21.00 - 01.00 -------BUY01.00 - 04.00 ...
XAU next day trade recommendation01 09 2020sell limit 1971TP 1961buy stop 1985Buy limit 1916TP 1926sell stop 1900
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why xau more agressive in prices

Volatility and liquidation

If you are going to trade, do find major pair easier to find best setup... USD/JPY is one of it


Never give up trading XAU/USD. high risk with high profits ;)

What will this week hold?

Always good to close the week in 'green'. But, the question is: how would WTI fare this week? That remains to be seen and am keeping a watchful eye out so I do not get carried away on last week's high without paying attention to this week's movements. That is, after all the trader's game - constant
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why xau more agressive in prices


first trading real account at here, bismillahirrohmanirrohim



Bitcoin’s Hash Rate Reaches a New All Time High (Again): Price Boost Ahead?

Photo: Reuters The price of Bitcoin has been struggling to mount the $12,000 resistance level for roughly three weeks since its pass over $10,000 on July 27th. However, as pressure below the $12,000 level has continued to build, its seven-day average hash rate has reached a new all-time high. Inde

Pull-up Update