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USD/INR: Indian rupee sellers battle weekly resistance line around mid-74.00s USD/INR stays mildly bid ahead of the Indian session open. MACD recedes bearish bias, key SMAs limit immediate downside. H...

Golden Scout - Why Gold Could Be Heading To $5000

Gold prices were already on a tear amid wild pandemic, economic and electoral uncertainty, with big banks predicting $3,000 gold … Or even $5,000 gold … Right before Biden’s electoral victory, JPMorgan had called another 5% price hike in a “blue wave”. Though Trump loves gold and


#EUR/JPY# Do you remember what I told you about EURJPY last week? On h1 it seems to be forming a downward continuation pattern and as a target I see the demand zone , what will this make all retail traders who trade with supports and resistances believe? That it will have broken the su

Canada’s Tax Agency Wants Coinsquare Crypto Exchange to Fork Over User Data

Photo: Bloomberg Canada’s tax authority has asked a federal judge in the country to order cryptocurrency exchange Coinsquare to “hand over information and certain documents about all its clients” starting from the year 2013. Specifically, the National Post reported on Friday that “the Canada Reven

Probability of starting a short uptrend

#USD/CAD# We are likely to see the end of the downtrend. I am expecting an uptrend to the specified range, but let's continue to monitor.
EUR/USD Intraday: key resistance at 1.1790. Pivot: 1.1790 Our preference: short positions below 1.1790 with targets at 1.1745 & 1.1720 in extension. Alternative scenario: above 1.1790 look for f...
欧元/美元 当日内: 短期关键阻力位在1.1790。 转折点: 1.1790 交易策略: 在 1.1790 之下,看跌,目标价位为 1.1745 ,然后为 1.1720 。 备选策略: 在 1.1790 上,看涨,目标价位定在 1.1810 ,然后为 1.1835。...

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