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As we can see, there are 55 users gained total 3440 FCOIN in the  last round #TradeNotes# challenge. FOLLOWME is really excited to announce that the new #TradeNotes# challenge is Kicking off!We are going to give out more FCOIN to you this time!What you need to do is to share your note

EUR/JPY Price Analysis: Bears stepping in at a discount to seek lower structure

EUR/JPY falls below a rising support trend line, giving bears an opportunity to target lower levels for a day trade. From a long term perspective, the cross is pressured at a supply zone. Bears line-up patiently for a swing trade target in the 122's awaiting an entry below 125.50. The price of EUR/

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Tương quan giữa thị trường tiền tệ

1. Thị trường chứng khoán lThị trường Mỹ DOW JONES 2001 – 2010 Thị trường Châu Âu FTSE 100 2001 – 2010 Thị trường Châu Á NIKKEI 225 2001 – 2010 T

Tác động của USD đối với thị trường tài chính toàn cầu

Đô la Mỹ :Sự ảnh hưởng toàn cầuUS Dollar Index / USDXUSD Index được cấu tạo bởi 6 thành viên là: EUR (đồng tiền chung châu Âu Eurozone), JPY (Yên Nhật), GBP (Bảng Anh), CAD (Đôla Canada), SEK (Krona Thụy Điển), CHF (Franc Thụy Sỹ).Các đồng tiền khác không phải thành viên của USD Index nhưng việ

Thị trường vàng và chu kì tăng giá mới

Từ đầu năm 2020, với tỷ lệ người trả lời là "ảm đạm" cao nhất tại các thị trường mới nổi. Khoảng 42% công ty trong ngành quản lý tài chính trên toàn cầu đang tăng dự trữ tiền mặt."Đang có sự thận trọng và lo sợ với thị trường cổ phiếu niêm yết trong giới các nhà đầu tư siêu giàu. Ngày càng có

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Do you have any social media accounts? Because they might bring you up to 1,000 USD reward. 2 grand contest winner (The user who can generate the most engagements in social media and trading forum)Grabbing additional reward :Grand prize winner: 400 FCOIN + 30USD apps store credit or play store credi

Second Week of August - Weekly Report

2020/08/10-2020/08/14 Total Trading Orders 106,474 Compared with 99,327 orders last week, increased 7,147 orders, and the increase rate is 7.20% After hitting record highs this week, gold suddenly plunged, which means that drastic changes have appeared on FOLLOWME trading data ranking lists. For the
路虎 揽胜 超人

Second Week of July - Weekly Report

2020/07/14-2020/07/18 Total Trading Orders 86,039 Compared with 83,097 orders last week, increased 2,942 orders, and the increase rate is 3.54% For the 2nd week of July, the total profit of the top 10 traders with the highest profit has reached 154K dollars. @财约你 registered 11days ago, become Top 1

Sugar: Downtrend will start if it drops below 12.90 support level

Weekly Forecast (August 17 - 21) Uptrend scenario The uptrend may be expected to continue, while market is trading above support level 12.9, which will be followed by reaching resistance level 13.8. Downtrend scenario An downtrend will start as soon, as the market drops below support level 12.9, whi
Supply n demand ZONE 17 August -22 August 2020

USD woes continue

The narrow trade-weighted USDIndex edged out a 10-day low at 92.92, following its eighth consecutive weekly fall on Friday, before recovering the 93.00 handle. EURUSD correspondingly whittled out a 10-day peak at 1.1869, before moving back to 1.1840. Cable traded firmer from Friday’s closing level b

USD remains on the defensive

Notes/Observations - USD continues its retreat aided by retreating yields, soft US economic data and a dip in safe-haven status Asia: - RBA Aug Minutes: Economic recovery likely to be slower than previously expected. Coronavirus outbreak in Victoria to have major impact on domestic economy in Q3. Re
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New Zealand has extended its mortgage scheme by 6 months, to end March 2021

The mortgage deferral scheme was set to expire on September 27. Fin Min Robertson also with comments on the new wage subsidy: to cost around NZD 510m will cover 470k jobs

Pull-up Update