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#Newtrader#Hello everyone, nice to meet you. Please follow my new trader account#2. Come with me to have wonderful trading!

Differences Among Trend Trading, Carry Trading and Algorithmic Trading.

1. What is trend trading?Trend trading is to use technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and fund management to obtain a probability preference when predicting the direction and secure a mathematic advantage in profit and to leverage the advantages for more profit. Take an example of pr

AUDCAD, will take Sell entry from resistance if shows rejection.

#AUD/CAD# Please Support this Idea with LIKE if it is Useful.... AUDCAD The price is near Support/resistance level , If price shows rejection from the level I expect the price to continue lower, For Entry:BearishCandlesticksupport/resistanceLIKE & SUPPORT

【FOLLOWEBINAR】Sự dịch chuyển của tiền tệ

Một trong những chìa khóa thành công của giao dịch ngoại hối là xác định chính xác xu hướng hiện tại của một cặp tiền tệ. Vậy, làm thế nào để theo đúng xu hướng của một thị trường tiền tệ luôn thay đổi nhanh chóng? Vấn đề này Webinar sẽ tiết lộ cho bạn bí mật của xu hướng chuyển động của tiền tệ. Tr

USDCHF at full speed

#USD/CHF# It hasn't lost it's momentum. Minor pullback with long rejection wick and.. it's August, UJ Seasonality agrees.

Win up to 30 USD by Sharing Notes?

As we can see, there are 55 users gained total 3440 FCOIN in the  last round #TradeNotes# challenge. FOLLOWME is really excited to announce that the new #TradeNotes# challenge is Kicking off!We are going to give out more FCOIN to you this time!What you need to do is to share your note

One thought on NFP Guessing and Win Up to 30 FCOIN!

Here we have #GuessNFP# activity back again for this month! Do you have an idea in your mind? Remember that you can win up to 30 FCOIN if you guess the closest number of Non-Farm Payrolls of July.   As a quick reference, the NFP data in May was 2,699K, the NFP data in June was 4,800K, and the market
#XAU/USD# sell?sad buy?bad