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Review of Loss-XAU/USD

Firstly,I am really sorry for my followers loss with me.I am not afraid of loss, because it happens with trading. While i am very guilty for who trust me but loss money by copying my trading.For my fault short position for the XAU/USD, my acc loss $ 629 for this order.And my suggestion to copytrad

A twinkle in the sky.

Spotted an opportunity and grabbed hold of a twinkle in the sky. Japanese yen is well known for being a safe haven currency. Upcoming this week is a list of macroeconomic data out of Japan such as the Eco Watchers Survey tool which adds anticipation to yen. On the other hand, GBP is under pressure a

I Caught a 533pips of Profit.

Good Morning everyone, Monday is not blue everyday.Whole new trading week :D Happy trading day guys.

一星期盈利300% 1week 300%profit

帳戶一星期300%盈利,沒人主意到我,免费跟一個月 , Get profit300% but no one follow my free ac, why??? 怎樣才學到三毛,天天爆倉都有人跟單@三毛点金2019 #交易笔记挑战赛第7期# #trading# #记录你的交易# #FOLLOWSTAR#
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GBP/USD - more bullish

GBP/USD - more bullish. Swing traders should probably exit any longs and go flat.


Just testing. I don't know what is it.

My weekly stat (6-10 Apr 2020)

Here is my weekly trading result. There are 43 trades and those are from 25 trading ideas opened in this week.There are 7 wins, 5 draws and 13 loses.This week is full of up and down swing in most of the pairs I traded and because joining a lot of trade I get a bad mood and a very bad trades. It

EUR/USD Profit Show

#EUR/USD#; Sell 0.27FLots; Open/Close price: 1.15392→1.15205; Open/Close Time: 07/22 12:00→07/22 14:25; Profit $50.49

Do share when you make profits

xau/usdwanna know when can my ea take off?

How far can $10000 go?

Do you know how far $10000 can profit for 1 month? Let’s see it.... #Profitshow# #FolloWebinar# #Todayanalysis#

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1,034.03 USD

Profit by Following

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