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I m sorry to say that , i m not to show off, I only want to share with you guys, because I don't want you guy waste time and waste money. this is my story I get scam so much of time. we do the right t...

USD/JPY stays depressed under 107.00 amid risk reset

USD/JPY fails to keep the bounce off 106.68 while flashing two-day losing streak. US readies a Phase 4 fiscal package, likely to be out by the end of July. Japan approves virus drug dexamethasone for use, likely to keep event restrictions in a meet despite receding pandemic data. Preliminary reading

Interview | @danney5215 Trading Digital Currency, you need to meet this man who earns millions of dollars a year

Unlimited ups and downs, no fuse, trade 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year, these are the rules of the digital currency market, a typical speculative market, and the speculative properties far exceed stock investment. Although there are high risks, high returns have attracted many people to engage

Find your Group, Enjoy the Trading!

FOLLOWME is here to build a community for traders to communicate with each other. IM group is absolutely the way to go. As a trial for the past two weeks, FOLLOWME connects traders of 4 countries with 4 IM groups, namely Malaysian Traders, Indonesian Traders, Vietnamese Traders, and Thai Traders. Al