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What effects might the European stimulus agreement bring on FX and bonds

Something not always looked at in the FX markets is the impact on bonds and yields and how it may influence the overall economy of the nation behind the offered yields. With all of the talk on the European Unions coronavirus recovery plans and the European Central banks Offerings for stimulus, I tho
#Newtrader#Hello everyone, nice to meet you. Please follow my new trader account#2. Come with me to have wonderful trading!
#Newtrader#Hello everyone, nice to meet you. Please follow my new trader account#2. Come with me to have wonderful trading!

Gold: Set to hit a record high in the next 6 to 9 months – Citibank

Analysts at Citigroup cite four key reasons behind gold’s next leg higher to a record high in the coming months.   Key quotes “The price of gold will hit a record high in the next 6 to 9 months.”   “Assess a 30% probability it would go above $2,000 in the next 3-5 months.”   Citing “loose monetary p

China Leaves Benchmark Lending Rates Unchanged

China's central bank left its key interest rates unchanged for the third consecutive month as the economy showed signs of recovery from the unprecedented slump caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The one-year loan prime rate was retained at 3.85 percent and the five-year loan prime rate was maintain

Gold Price Futures (GC) Technical Analysis – Strengthens Over $1810.50, Weakens Under $1791.10

Gold futures rebounded from early session weakness on Friday to close higher for the session. The two-sided price action was generated as fears over business disruptions due to another record-breaking rise in COVID-19 cases at home drove up the possibility of additional fiscal and monetary stimulus.
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NZDCAD price has bounced off S2 now what.

#NZD/CAD# This is a full breakdown of my perception of price action on higher time frames! I take my entries using smaller time frame confirmation and you should, too. If you have any questions about this trade or my strategies feel free to ask them in the comment section below! Let’s

GBPUSD -Update

#GBP/USD# Maybe GBPUSD is going with wave pattern (w) (x) (y). If the (y) wave occurs, we will have a good Buy opportunity as shown in the picture, when the field corrects to the zone of 1.25234. It's up to you, whichever position you buy. But I give you the price so you have the bes

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热辣辣的7月今天正式来了, 一眨眼,今年就过了一半时间了, 原周五20:30公布的美国6月季调后非农数据, 因美国独立日假期提前至明天20:30公布, 各位,就问你忐不忐忑?     7月的第一天, 迎来本月首个入驻交易商 Doo Prime, 新面孔,惊不惊喜意不意外?     Doo Prime 是 Doo Holding Group 旗下的国际综合性互联网券商,提供200+金融产品,公司以超低延迟的顶级流动性、最接近买卖点的清算助力客户获得更好的交易体验。   使用 Doo Prime 交易商的优势:   1、持有多国监管持牌牌照 集团受英国 FCA、瓦努阿图 V
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Self review

Due to the low volatility in eur/usd market, the EA strategy, which I named Pheonix, suffered a relatively large drawdown. This volatility situation was not common at least in the last 3 years. In the other hand, after this drawdown, I modified my EA strategy to ensure it can still perform well unde
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