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© Reuters. 美银美林:上调中石化冠德(00934)目标价至4.2港元,评级升至“买入” 智通财经APP获悉,美银美林目前将中石化冠德(00934)目标价由3.3港元上调至4.2港元,评级由“跑输大市”升至“买入”。美银美林发表报告称,中石化冠德公布向新成立的国家管网公司出售榆济管道全部股权,总价共计32.2亿元人民币,相当于去年市账率1.43倍(股本回报率7.7%),及市盈率的18.6倍。该公司透露此次交易将以全现金结算。美银美林表示,此次公司出售管道交易的估值方法优于美银美林预期的市账率1倍至1.2倍,而全现金交易大大消除了投资者对该交易的忧虑
美银 美林 冠德 上调 公司 目标价
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Gold silver technical analysis - into blue sky's [Video]

Gold Silver technical analysis Elliott Wave US Spot Gold and Silver surge higher to new levels. Today we break down the Elliott wave count and look at whats next for Gold and Silver. Gold Analysis, Investing and Trading with Technical Analysis Elliott Wave Gold Technical Analysis Elliott Wave Count:


【FOLLOWME线上直播 】首次开播 20:00准时开始 >>    @外汇技术研究院马松  是外汇技术研究院创始人,金十数据特约讲师,《外汇天眼》杂志特约作者,《汇魂周刊》特约作者,十年从业经验,8年操盘手经验。专注外汇技术研究。自从经历年少有为,入市坎坷,四处求学,最终功成名就盈利了220万。想知道他是怎么做到的吗?快来直播看吧~ 直播时间:6月24 号(今天晚上)晚上20:00 直播内容: 1,生存之资金管理 2,正确的交易步骤 3,高胜率反转形态 4,实战交易案例 感兴趣的小伙伴记得20点准时观看哦~  扫它直接观看 一个能改变自己交易方式和思维的机会,一定观看
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Euro spikes to 18-month high as funding deal boosts sentiment

The euro rallied to an eighteen-month high as traders reacted to the €750 billion deal reached yesterday. The deal, which came after four days of intense negotiations, will help provide immediate relief to countries like Italy and Spain that have been affected significantly by the pandemic. It will
Time 22-07-2020 05:33:00 Pivot 0.7000 Technical View Long position above 0.7. Target 0.72. Conversely, break below 0.7, to open 0.692. Comments The pair remains supported. Further advance favored. ...

Emini Dow Jones: Targets 26410 below 26500

Emini Dow Jones_Nasdaq Emini Dow Jones September Futures remains much more stable then theEmini S&P & Nasdaq. Nasdaq September Futures DOUBLE TOP SELL SIGNAL. Daily Analysis Emini Dow Jones holding above first support at 12640/610 targets 26670/700& 26800/850 before a retest of last week

Emini SP500: Minor support at 3254

Emini SP500_Nasdaq Emini S&P September Futures reached 3252/54 & 3261/63 but stopped justshort of 3277/80 & collapsed to minor support at 3243/40. We are reacting toseverely overbought conditions but we have no sell signal. My best guess iswe will trade in a more sideways direction in th
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USD/CHF Price Analysis: Sellers attack 0.9300 near four-month bottom

USD/CHF trades southwards near the lowest since March 10. Oversold RSI can trigger the pair’s bounce off a descending trend line from March 30. Bulls may refrain entries, even for short-term, unless witnessing a daily close past-21-day SMA. USD/CHF stays offered around 0.9320, down 0.12% on a day,

Pull-up Update