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Currently looking for better opportunities in market trading. I believe the industry has the potential to grow exponentially, especially post-Covid19 environment.
Depends on how you approach the market (Taken from
are we all ready for the upcoming #USElection2020#?
U.S. presidential elections are coming very soon. I do not recommend trading today and tomorrow. And it is better to close the actual trades related to the dollar! ✌️
Hope this helps for traders who want to calculate their margin. Remember, risk management is important.
Don't leave your device unattended. Not everyone a saint.
Ideally, avoid entering the market next week due to US election day on Tuesday, 3rd November 2020.
It's the little things in life😂
Never forget it!
Like I said yesterday, it was a buy opportunity. However, it almost touch my price action but it didn't. Therefore, i did not execute the order. It did go bullish up to 500 points. 😓. Hoping for an...
According to my DXY index analytics, Dollar will grow, so I expect EUR/USD is dropping to support line. It just my idea, trade on your own risk. Good luck on trading!
If you are looking for swing trading, you should know how to cope up with floating losses. Remain calm and do not panic. There are few risk management technics that can be applied to ensure the floati...
Based on my chart, the lines are dependable. Selling is recommendable. Happy trading!

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