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Elliott wave view: FTSE resumes correction [Video]

FTSE 15 minutes chart below shows that the index has ended the cycle from June 25 low at 6303.40 high as a double three Elliott Wave Structure. Up from June 25 low, wave ((w)) ended at 6262.13 high. Wave ((x)) dip ended at 6087.70 low. The pair then extended higher in wave ((y)), which ended at 6303
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#XAU/USD# Just see this .moving average show 1637 means average this wave the range of 1637 until 1650. If see rsi we can understand here is not good for buy and go to over buy .1725 is highest level in fibonacci numbers and we can see 1725 is very important far last of gold . Gold
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Asian stock market: Nikkei 225, ASX 200 gain over 1.0%, China bucks the trend

Asian shares, ex-Beijing, cheer hopes of coronavirus vaccine. US President Trump signed an executive order in response to Hong Kong security law, China to implement sanctions on American policymakers. BOJ held status-quo with mixed signals from the quarterly report. Asian equities track Wall Street


#GBP/USD# Price rejection happened as ecxpected around my usual 2am reversal point. on the h4 chart we see a double top , the wicks rejected just below the previous peak, so since im going short, my stop losss is just above the previous high . stop loss is around 60 to 70 pips. on the
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