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Traders nowadays
#GuessNFP# 1950,just a guess.I used fcoin to redeem apple store gift card successful yesterday激动it's my first time to exchange gift by fcoin.
+1500K,coz trump's tweet 😎#GuessNFP#
Let say 100 pips, 1 position lot 0.01, u already achived 10 USD. If using small account 100 USD, thats 10% profit. Its more than bank can give you#FX# #trading# ...

Japan to discuss with 10 countries about easing travel restrictions – Kyodo

Kyodo news agency carries fresh headlines on Friday, citing that Japan is likely to discuss with 10 countries and regions including China, South Korea and Taiwan about easing travel restrictions. Earlier today, Reuters reported that Japanese Prime Minister (PM) Shinzo Abe and Australian PM Scott Mor

EURJPY Uptrend Move

#EUR/JPY# We have a simple uptrend from a pause in the price, marked the pause, and waiting for a breakthrough in the next hour. Place my BUY STOP a few pips above the breakpoint to avoid false touches. 1:1 RR Like or comment if you have other suggestions For further analysis, con


#USD/CAD# BULLISH CRAB for SCALPING price need to follow Green Trend line & hit target If price Breaks Red Trend line is where EXIT before SL hits POTENTIAL BUY


#GBP/USD# Price rejection happened as ecxpected around my usual 2am reversal point. on the h4 chart we see a double top , the wicks rejected just below the previous peak, so since im going short, my stop losss is just above the previous high . stop loss is around 60 to 70 pips. on the


#USD/CAD# relatively equal lows supply takeout dump to pump
It was an amazing profit today #XAU/USD#
NDB 90$ Legit poollll😍😘😍😘 1. Klik link di atas dan nduh apk dr android APK 2. Install 3. Klik gambar profil di kanan bawah 4. ...
just share.... semoga berkah

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