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GBPUSD carves a potential Wave B slight highet around 1.2666

#GBP/USD# GBPUSD prints potential Wave B, around 60 pips higher than fibonacci 0.618 retracement of Wave A. The recent rally can have no more attributes than this. Structurally, GBPUSD has dropped from 1.2800 through 1.2250 in 5 waves, labelled as Wave A. It confirms 2 important fac

GBPUSD short under pattern Wedge !

#GBP/USD# Rattern wedge on GBP USD, USD looks stronger today and a lot of traders are waiting for sell on GBPUSD< EURUSD , AUDUSD ... So pattern wedge is the perfect option to find the entry level


eurgbp price is now below weekly open. observe what happens when the weekly open is retested. #trading# #FOLLOWSTAR# #90USDBonus# #Profitshow# #Todayanalysis#

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#GBP/USD# Took an entry at 9am, held past 1:1 but price is moving back towards entry. Stop moved to B/E so I'll watch to see how it plays out.


#EUR/GBP# EUR/GBP short has fib retrace back to .5-.618 zone , TP1 .236, TP2 0, TP3 -.025, TP4 -.618


#EUR/GBP# Hello everyone, A good opportunity has been detected on the EUR/GBP pair. After strong upward movement on the EUR/GBP , the price formed a Head & Shoulders pattern, where price has broken the neckline and retested it. We are expecting the price to reach approximately t