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#FX# try to get more profit
Gold drop 50 pips 😎#Goldboom# #FX# #trading#
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GBPCAD go down. After break MA50 and succesful rejected.

Saxo Bank Reports Slight MoM Recovery in FX Volumes in June

https://www.financemagnates.com/forex/brokers/saxo-bank-reports-slight-mom-recovery-in-fx-volumes-in-june/   The monthly trading volume for FX and equities was higher both on a monthly and yearly comparison.   Since March, trading volumes have been declining, as volatility has been tapering off in t

Self review

Due to the low volatility in eur/usd market, the EA strategy, which I named Pheonix, suffered a relatively large drawdown. This volatility situation was not common at least in the last 3 years. In the other hand, after this drawdown, I modified my EA strategy to ensure it can still perform well unde


#CHF/JPY# TP 114.54... 114.84.... 115.44 StopLoss 113.74

Bullish Continuation Trade 309+ Pips

#NZD/USD# I entered a Bullish continuation trade on 07.03.2020 at: 0.65174, currently running in profit 309+ Pips. Sell trend bounced upwards from the resistance line (I use particular indicators) these indicators show that the price bounced off a certain level. Disclaimer: My indica
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My Method to Win With Smallest Risk

Register now for our next FOLLOWEBINAR to find out how you can obtain maximization in profit with the smallest risk taken. Find out how Mr. Rindiawan Uji P @syambala, previously a tourism ambassador, became a full-time Southeast Asia trading expert; and how he profited from the smallest risk taken.
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A Quiet Economic Calendar Leaves COVID-19 to Test the Risk Appetite

https://www.fxempire.com/news/article/a-quiet-economic-calendar-leaves-covid-19-to-test-the-risk-appetite-659807 A lack of economic data will leave the markets in the hands of COVID-19 updates and any chatter from China or the U.S…   Earlier in the Day: It was a particularly quiet start to the day o
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