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Australia upgrades travel warning for China – Sydney Morning Herald

Early Wednesday morning in Asia, Australia’s Depart of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)warned that their citizens living in and traveling to China may be arbitrarily detained, per Sydney Morning Herald. Key quotes The upgraded travel advice on Tuesday follows a similar warning for Hong Kong last we

Bullish Continuation Trade 309+ Pips

#NZD/USD# I entered a Bullish continuation trade on 07.03.2020 at: 0.65174, currently running in profit 309+ Pips. Sell trend bounced upwards from the resistance line (I use particular indicators) these indicators show that the price bounced off a certain level. Disclaimer: My indica

US Dollar Index remains under pressure below 97.00

DXY fails to extend the rebound above the 97.00 mark. Coronavirus pandemic and impact on economy dominate sentiment. EIA’s weekly report, FOMC’s Bostic next in the docket. The greenback has given away part of Tuesday’s gains and has returned to the area below the key 97.00 mark when tracked by the 
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Consumer Credit Change

The Consumer Credit released by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve is an amount of money that individuals borrowed. It shows if consumers can afford large expenses, which can fuel economic growth. However, a high figure may also indicate that the economy is overheating, as consu


#CHF/JPY# TP 114.54... 114.84.... 115.44 StopLoss 113.74


很多外汇交易者为了能更好地做单,愿意去主动学习交易知识和技巧。但却容易忽视外汇交易做单中一些最基本的事情,而越是交易高手越注重这些细节。美国一些操盘公司经过仔细的研究发现,第一流的操盘手工作分10个步骤。所以,想要成为优秀的操盘手,就需要在这10项任务上,都要采用第一流的操盘手所具备的信念,心态和战略战术,经过长期的练习达到质变。如果从开始使用这些方法,至少可以先做到方向正确,不会走错路、走弯路。 ­成功外汇操盘手操作的10个步骤 ,主要分3个方面:除了第一和最后一个方面之外,其他都是和交易直接相关的,汇市之声给大家做了一个总结:第一方面:准备工作1、培养对自己的洞察力中国的哲人说:“吾日三省

A Quiet Economic Calendar Leaves COVID-19 to Test the Risk Appetite A lack of economic data will leave the markets in the hands of COVID-19 updates and any chatter from China or the U.S…   Earlier in the Day: It was a particularly quiet start to the day o
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Dollar pares gains, sterling rises across the board on Brexit deal hope

Although the greenback rose in Asia and European morning on Tuesday due to active safe-haven usd buying on fear of a second wave of coronavirus pandemic, dollar pared intra-day gains and ended mixed due to rise in sterling on Brexit optimism as well as selloff in the Dow. (Dow ended at 25,890, down

USD/CNH keep looking to 6.9950 – UOB   FX Strategists at UOB Group expect further decline in USD/CNH if the 6.9950 level is breached in the near-term. Key Quotes 24-hour view: “We highlighted yesterday that ‘further USD weakness would not be surprising and a b


5万亿美元将推动标普500年底上探4000点?金融资产挤压实体经济,美国经济仍面临强劲逆风 尽管受到疫情的冲击,此前美国股市一度跌逾三分之一,但是目前标普500和道琼斯工业指数已经收复了大部分的跌幅,纳斯达克指数更是刷新了纪录新高,这不得不让市场思考当前美国经济是否重新回归到增长的轨迹上来。Capital Wealth Planning首席投资长杰夫·索特近期上调了标普500的年终目标预期,从3600点上调至4000点。索特的观点只是绝大部分华尔街人士观点的一个缩影,因为随着美联储创纪录的刺激措施,市场充裕的流动性使得资金源源不断的流入,随着近期经济数据改善
经济 实体 标普 金融资产 挤压 股市

EUR/GBP Bearish View by ThinkingAntsOk

#EUR/GBP# 🔸 4H CHART EXPLANATION: . . 🔸 Price broke the Ascending Channel . . 🔸 It has also broken the Support Zone . . 🔸 At this moment, it is on a consolidation that can be better appreciated on a lower timeframe. . 🔸 Will look for a lower timeframe bearish setup. 🔸DAILY CHAR

U.S Service Sector PMIs, Geopolitics, and COVID-19 Put the Dollar in Focus   It’s a relatively busy day ahead, with the economic calendar to drive the markets later in the day. Expect geopolitics and COVID-19 news to also influence.   Earlier in the Day: It

Pull-up Update